5 health issues, every over 40 computer user should be aware of!


  1. Hmm, i better enjoy this month infront of my computer.. next month i will be 40, and all kinds of problems will come crumbling down on me :/
    Thanks for the tips though.. i’m actually going to try and live by them, can’t hurt..

  2. Thank you for the article windows club – Just goes to show you care for us boomers too!

  3. thanks for the tips. I sit in front of the computer almost for 12hrs a day. Recently noticed my wrists paining. & i already have spects….
    Time for me to check & take a break, before i break down.

    Thanks, Grr

  4. I am just a 15 year boy and now all of these are happening to me and already happened … I wore glasses :(, I have head ache , I have muscle pains, I sit long time before computer

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