SunsetScreen: Computer screen glare reduction freeware for Windows

As computer users, we often spend hours in the late night working. One difficulty that is encountered in the task is staring into a vision brighter than the brightness to which our eyes are adapted. Windows includes the Adaptive Brightness feature, where the OS checks the lighting conditions of your computer’s surroundings and adjusts the brightness and contrast level automatically. But this may not always work the way you want it to, and that is where using a free software to reduce glare can help you. We have already covered DimScreen & Dimmer, as well as f.lux. Today, we will take a look at SunsetScreen.

Computer screen glare reduction freeware

SunsetScreen Computer screen glare reduction freeware

Skytopia has come up with a nifty application SunsetScreen, a free tool for Windows that helps automatically reduce the enhanced glare on your computer screen at night. The rationale behind developing this freeware is the scientific research that indicates over-bright screens can affect the production of melatonin – the chemical which helps control sleep and wake cycles.

SunsetScreen dims the screen to match the color of the indoor lightning which in turn may reduce the effect that over-bright screens have on the production of melatonin thereby, helping you get a sound and restful sleep. It is advisable to have a screen that matches your current lighting conditions to make your computer more comfortable for use. isn’t it?

With SunsetScreen, it’s easy to dim our screens to an orange-ey hue to match the colour of the indoor lighting we use. The application gives you good control over the color adjusting process and is much more configurable in nature.

It has a system tray icon, but there’s no right-click menu to configure its functions: you can only close the program or show its main window. Although, above description hints less automation, the app gives you more control to adjust the cycle based on your needs. You can modify the transition phase (set to 60 minutes by default). In this phase, the program handily switches from day color to night color mode.

SunsetScreen is similar to F.Lux application for Windows PC which also helps users adjust to the monitor brightness better. The application is compatible with all recent versions of Windows (including Windows 8).

SunsetScreen for Windows free download

Interested users, try this application and make your computer more usable at night. It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. You can download the latest version of the software from its home page. There is also a portable version available.

If you give it a try, do let us know in the comments section below how it works for you.

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  1. Michael Schindler

    I more like f.lux, because there you simply insert your location and it automatically sets times for sunrise/sunset.

  2. myr4ik07

    ? ????? ???????????? ?????? f.lux ??? ?????????? ???? ??????? ? ???? ??????????? ????????????, ????? ???? ? ???? ????????? ????? ????? ??? ? f.lux, ?? ?????? ?? ???? ??? ????????.

  3. PhredE

    Regretably, the F.Lux application for Windows DOESN’T help users adjust the monitor brightness. It adjusts the colour of the display, turning it a reddy, brown at night. I still have to work through three physical buttons on my LG monitor to dim its brightness at night.
    LG has its own brightness software, but it’s unusable: bulky, awkward to use, and it crashes often. Let’s see how SunsetS goes.

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