Sandra Lite: PC diagnostic, benchmark and analysis tool

Sandra Lite is a free utility that lets you diagnose, benchmark and analyze your Windows computer. It is an all-in-one utility, which comes with lots of features that can be helpful while analyzing and diagnosing a system. It can even help you compute your PC’s overall performance rank. You can know the in-depth details about your PC’s hardware and software components. This software also comes with an amazing tool that analysis and advice you on how to improve your computer’s performance.

Sandra Lite review

All the features in Sandra Lite are nicely organized into tabs, each tab containing related features only. The ‘Tools’ tab gives you access to various helpful tools like report generator, and the computer stability tester and the analysis and advice feature also lies under this category, additionally, under this tab, you can monitor your computer’s environment. The tools section also lets you update Sandra Lite and perform other program management functions.

The next tab is ‘Benchmark’ tab. Under this tab, you can see various benchmarking options. You can compute the Overall Score directly without performing every test. You can even perform single tests for Processor, Virtual Machine, General Purpose Computing, Storage Devices, Memory Controller and Network.

Sandra Lite

The Hardware tab lets you know details about different hardware components of your PC. Again you can view your overall Hardware score or choose any other single option. You can view the details for Physical Disks, Motherboard, Processors, Memory Devices, Buses, Power Management, Audio, and Video Device. Moreover, you can even view information for other external peripherals like Printers, Scanners, Keyboards, Mice, Game Controllers and Cameras.

Physical Disks

Under the ‘Software’ tab, you can view all the details of software components of your computer, and have a look on Logical Drives, Installed Fonts, Media Devices, Registered File Types, Operating System, Running Processes, Memory Usage, Modules, Users and Groups, Installed Drivers, DirectX and OpenGL Interface details.

Under the Support tab, you can see another two computer management actions, viz. ‘Dump Registry Settings’ and ‘Dump Hardware Registers’.


There are many features in this software, which can sometimes be overwhelming. But this free software comes with a ‘Favourite’ tab which is completely customizable, and lets you add your most frequently used features here.

Sandra Lite download

Sandra Lite will let you know more about your PC than you ever imagined. I will let you explore the depths of your hardware and software. Moreover, it will also compute your PC’s overall global rank and suggest you system improvements. Click here to download Sandra Lite.

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