Microsoft Time Travel Tracing Diagnostic Tool

Microsoft Time Travel Tracing Tool or TTTracer.exe is a support tool that can be used for diagnosing problems. This diagnostic tool can be used to collect time travel traces of given processes so that the traces will be analyzed by Microsoft Support for troubleshooting purposes. It is designed to upload trace files up to 2 GB after compression.

What is Microsoft Time Travel Tracing Diagnostic Tool

Time Travel Tracing or iDNA tracing consists of two elements says MSDN:

  1. A utility to capture TTT trace
  2. An extension to Windbg that allows loading the trace for analysis

When the trace is loaded into WinDbg, it allows the user to move back and forth in the process execution time. It thus helps users debug the Windows interoperability behaviors without the need to reproduce the problem or remote live debugging.

  1. When you run the Time Travel Tracing diagnostic, you will be prompted to select one of the tracing options:
  2. Select one or more processes from a list of currently running applications on your computer.
  3. Select one or more processes by entering the name of the program.
  4. Select one or more processes by entering the name of a matching module that the program loaded.
  5. Define one program that will be traced after it starts.

Microsoft Time Travel Tracing Tool

The collected traces will be automatically compressed and uploaded to Microsoft Support. If the file size is more than 2 GB even after compression, then some of the files will not be uploaded but will be left back on your system. You may then need to contact support to ask for an alternative way to upload the remaining collected information.

You can read more details about Time Travel Tracing Diagnostic on KB2716889.

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