What are Digital Footprints and how to stay safe?

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  1. Great reminders! Also, there seems to be momentum this year among every internet-based spectrum for use of the “canvas fingerprint”…a silent, instant secret read of the fonts, screen resolution, etc on your internet device (as demonstrated at site “Browserleaks” re HTML5 canvas prints); goal seems to be to create THE supercookie of all time, one that maps each device in an instant for every search, every page made so that anyone with that map can know who’s doing/thinking what…with no user knowledge, regardless of regular ISP/VPN used, with zero current blockers able to do anything about it. So far, this Summer TOR came out with browsers that return blank canvasses to site requests, and I know one or two plugins offering you a choice to allow/deny canvas fingerprint requests exist as Mozilla-based browser extensions. I too thought Noscript and ABE could be set to block, but I was surprised at “Browserleaks” and by Mozilla browsers with such plugins to find sites were merrily printing anyway. Some sites appear to limit or refuse use if they don’t get to canvas; like my Noscript ABE rule to allow Facebook scripts to only run at Facebook, I let necessary sites canvas as they relate to well-routine issues and can’t get much gumshoeing around the whole internet.

    I wouldn’t mention if I thought “loose lips might sink NSA’s anti-terror/anti-crime efforts”, but with so many USA cookie-cutter smart phones/devices now having as selling point regularly changing MAC numbers, and so many USA ISPs placing free hotspots at customer homes so “transients” (including shifty law-dodgers) always have free access on the fly, canvas printing seems a way to pry into the more sedentary, mundane lives of the masses, rather than to track what mobile-based schemers are up to…especially since I live in a State where authorities still can’t get out of bed to stop people for register their businesses/voting/et al at my home address, nor to check on cars flitting in/out with plates Carfax says don’t even match makers (then there are all those well-known gaffes of already-powerful spies missing great traumas to the public while nattering over needing to know what tons of normal people are doing; and I’ve experienced what happens if you show proof of matters to authorities…you become fusion center fodder as if you’re disturbing an otherwise calm, successful environment while those you and anyone at all can watch go about with no worries).

    Hope this is of use, cheers!

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