How to remove your name and information from Search Engines


  1. Many websites look up the IP address that you are connecting with, or other browser header information, to redirect you automatically to a language specific website. While those systems usually get it right, they are annoying for users who do not want to be redirected to a country specific domain name or different language version.
    The search engine Google is for instance redirecting first time users automatically to a localized search engine when they open but do not have an IP address that resolves to the US. You can click on the go to link at the bottom to force the switch but this is saved in a cookie which means that you will be redirected again if you delete the cookie or if it expires. Some users do not like to be patronized.
    1. Go to chrome://settings/
    2. Under Search, click Manage Search Engines
    3. Add a new search engine
    – Name: Encrypto Google
    – Keyword:
    – Search:
    4. Make default

    Now, there are Extensions for Chrome & Firefox, which provide another Layer of Encryption from DISCONNECT.ME, they provide 4 Privacy Extensions, 1. Disconnect Search, 2. Disconnect Facebook & 3. Disconnect Twitter, there is Fourth one called Privacy Icons, it provides Information from Websites which collect information based on categories, but, is available for Chrome.
    There is a Google Opt-Out Extension of Google Analytics for Chrome.

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