What information is available about you on the internet when online?

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of TheWindowsClub.com, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Ed

    Sites like this try to use scare tactics to make people feel insecure which seems to be the new thing these days , with all the NSA findings and all.
    First the information provided without letting any of the applications scan your system on the site is very “general” it could not even pinpoint my location within twenty miles of my real location. Second, any button that I clicked to scan my system like geolocation and clipboard contents, my browser immediately threw up a warning asking if it was ok. Now, if one clicks yes or allow to let any unknown source scan your system that you know nothing about… well, to be honest, your just getting what you deserve.
    It’s the age of the internet, people can no longer claim “I didn’t know any better”, it is 2014, home pc’s have been the norm since before 2000, if you have not wised up to the risks of the internet by now then you should just take a hammer to your pc.
    IMO, if you need to surf anonymously while on line chances are you are up to something no good anyway, those of us that use the internet as a source of business, study and innocent enjoyment have really nothing to worry about. Companies like this should stop making it look like our every click is being watched because the reality of it is that it really is not …… unless your doing something illegal, in which case I fully approve of criminals being tracked via the internet.

  2. Ed

    The only thing that I would advise, if your using Chrome, Opera or Firefox and you have a hardwired camera and microphone on your pc, either dump your browsers for another without this vulnerability or put tape over your cam and mic when you are not using it, this will prevent hackers from viewing your cam or listening in without your knowledge. These browser vulnerabilities have been present for a while and should be fully known. If you have a cam and mic and are still using these browsers, again, you get what you get.

  3. Jim

    Firefox actually handles this site every bit as good as IE.

    IE does not support letting the site access your cam and mic….Firefox does, but Firefox prompts for permission — Draw

    IE allowed the site to see my network adapter…Firefox did not–FF win

    IE allowed the site to detect my touch screen…Firefox did not– FF win

    Both IE and Firefox prompted for permission to use geolocation…both were completely wrong –Draw

    IE displayed all information on the OS…Firefox showed all but the System Language — FF win

    Both showed all info on browser plugins — Draw

    Both showed all information for my display — Draw

    Neither showed info for Device Orientation and Motion — Draw

    IE shared clipboard info only after prompting for permission…Firefox did not share it or ask for permission to do so — Draw

    Sooo… it seems to me that Firefox actually edged IE out a little in some areas, but for the most part they were evenly matched….that is if you dont count the major security vulnerability that prompted the Governments of TWO countries (US and UK) to issue warnings to their citizen to stop using IE.

  4. Then again…

    To turn on the Webcam or the Microphone, your require Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Internet Explorer does not allow it. Its the same while revealing Battery charge level, charging status. And there are many more such instances.

    I don’t want to get into the “my toy is better than your toy” game, but each browser has its pro’s and con’s. Evaluate them all and feel free to use the browser of your choice.


  5. Dan

    As some say, if you don’t mind WIFI leaking to anybody off the street, or any ol’ ISP employee, or person with portable Networkminer (free, 4.5MB, faster/simpler than Wireshark) on a corporate network, you probably aren’t up to something, but it’s still your fault if you have a sieve for DNS or use elliptical-curve encryption that falls back to cleartext if HTTPS request refused…even if no VPN could even ultimately deter today’s governmental internet powers of tracking you. And say, why WOULD anybody ever want HTTPS or TLS for even banking or secure WIFI at cafes/libraries/universities, or care about Heartbleed, without being “of interest”? We all know Microsoft might be in cahoots with neer-do-wells via listing Cyberghost 5 as compatible with Windows 8.1 in Windows Compatability Center…they must have something to hide, even if Cyberghost has no hidden services and polices blind traffic with Cleverbridge, inter alia! And we all know what Comodo must be pushing with that WIFI traffic security…(Logic type: Circular, mood: Parody). Now, if a mobile or home consumer needed a Faraday Cage to guard screen images, maybe that would be weird, but as Bruce Schneier and his peers say, if NSA or similar want in to your computer, they’re in…period.

    Anyway…the scanner easily found my ISP’s true location (not that hard, almost every online such can, and ISPs know where you are with pinpoint account record accuracy, ditto with any plain/VPN video watching or downloads to you); it also found other correct data including OS version, but these days a number of security forums report more malware cares less about a browser/OS and runs to cover all bases of routine, so such data just helps marketing statistics.

    And that’s what these kind of scanners make the point of: if some non-government person came up to you and said “Howdy, I’m nobody but I’m going to follow you everywhere and make a note of everything you say, do, or enter as passwords for the rest of your life for purposes I won’t divulge to you but are my own personal agenda”, for example hackers or no-pay survey promoters or companies who request search engine data to hook you up with a condition you searched re a friend or paper, you might not care to have such mysterious stranger privy to your data, yet that’s what happens with browsers all the time.

    Another great reminder, Mr. Khanse, and you seem in-step with major security companies about VPNs for simple anti-abuse purposes.

  6. Jim

    “To turn on the Webcam or the Microphone, your require Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Internet Explorer does not allow it”

    Isn’t that kinda what I said?

    Firefox will support it, but it is up to the user to allow it…you are prompted for permission…thus the draw. Like I said…the two where pretty evenly matched. But there is the matter of IEs piss poor record for major security issues, which pretty much puts any other browser in a position superior to IE…

  7. Ed

    LMAO … I wasn’t doing a comparison, but if FF fan boys must do that in order to make themselves feel superior using a 32 bit browser on 64 bit systems then so be it.
    I was just stating security facts.

  8. Kev

    I did a scan with that site. It got everything wrong except for my monitor. The Reason? Because I’m using the most private browser in the world right now. In fact if he hasn’t already, Anand may want to do a review of this browser….its called Epic Browser. Made by Indian Techs, from the Epicbrowser.com. It’s the best I’ve found and I’ve used them all. The scanner site showed me as in Fremont, California…when my actual location is in Ohio. Nice! Epic does much more than that as well for your privacy….go and check it out for yourself!! Highly recommended…:)

  9. Jim

    Actually…the performance difference between a 32 bit browser and a 64 bit browser is negligible at best…in fact, unless you are running a super fast (50Mbps) you will notice no difference at all.

    The ONLY advantage 64bit has over 32bit is in the fact the OS can recognize and use memory…that’s it…so if you are ignorant enough to use IE because it is 64bit and believe in it’s imaginary performance advantage over a 32bit browser,and sacrifice security…knock yourself out.

  10. Trying to bully people who don’t like your browser?

    That’s sad, Jim.

  11. opi

    Not bad except it thinks I am in Toronto which is only 3000 km away

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