What information is available about you on the internet when online?

What information is available about me on the internet whenever I am online? Have you asked this question to yourself? If you think you are safe sitting on the Internet behind your computer, browsing anonymously, you are wrong. System Scanner is a web application that will show you a lot of information that is available about you and your system on the Internet, whenever you are online.

What information is available about me on the internet

What information is available about me on internet
You will be surprised at the information that will be revealed about you and your system when you visit this website!

The web browser you use, your operating system – in my case Windows 8, the hardware specs, security software, IP address, broadband speed, security issues if any, geolocation, contents of your clipboard, Communication Ports, Referer page, Contents of the X-Forwarded-For (XFF) HTTP header and more.

It will show you your location on the map, whether your device offers touch, the display resolution, color depth, DPI, your Time Zone, Device orientation, Network details, installed browser plugins, Network adapter status, Battery charge level, Battery charging status and more.

It will also start your webcam and your microphone/speakers for you.

In some cases you will need to be using Firefox or Chrome, like in the Webcam detail and in other cases, you will need to be using Internet Explorer, like when revealing Clipboard data theft.

Head over to System-Scanner.net and get ready to be surprised! There is a desktop version as well as a mobile version. An add-on for Chrome browser is also available at the Chrome Store.

The System Scanner website does not collect any personal information about you other than website usage data and that  which you choose to provide when you use the website – nor does it save it anywhere.

If you want to stay safe and private online and browse anonymously, you might want to consider using CyberGhost Secure VPN, Kproxy, Spotflux, UltraSurf, Tor BrowserBrowzar and so on. each of these privacy tools, have their own pro’s and con’s.

Read this post if you would like to remove your name and information from Search Engines.

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