Find out what Google knows about you


  1. Thanks for this reminder! Makes sense they think I’m a guy between 55-64, since that’s from birthday/gender self-supplied re GMail/YouTube accounts; when I checked “my”interests and “my” tunes, LOL I found out Google thought I was big into Reggae and Hansel Und Greytl music…a dredlocks and heavy metal old geezer! Maybe “suggested for you” auto-picks at YouTube count even if you don’t use them. Anyway, found that shutting off “ads” and turning back “on” cleared all that musical hoohah, and clearing YouTube history in Google has to help. Cheers!

  2. Do not click on the links in this article to log on to your google account. I was already logged on to my account and clicking on the link prompted me to log in to my account again. The URL is different. Most likely a fake link to grab your password. I use to trust this site. But no more.

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