How to delete your OK Google Voice Activity History

Knowingly or unknowingly when you turn on Voice & Audio Activity, you let Google save a recording of your voice and other audio automatically to your Google Account. If this activity from Google concerns you about your privacy there’s a way to have it removed completely.

In this post, we shall learn the method to Manage “OK Google” voice activity History.

Delete OK Google Voice Activity History

Navigate to Click on the Hamburger icon on top of the left of the page. Go to ‘Voice and Audio‘ activity. Or else click here to go there directly.

OK Google Voice Activity History

Scroll through your list to see all the voice recordings and the video searches you made in the earlier past. Here, in the image I have used video searches. If you would like to access your video recordings, chose so and delete them, if required. Simply click on a square to select a recording to delete. Once selected, you can click on the “Remove” button to confirm the deletion of Google Voice search history.

Delete OK Google voice activity history

Now visit the Activity controls page. Here, you may be asked to sign in to your Google Account. Also, you will find the feature is either switched on or off. If Voice & Audio Activity is turned off, voice information won’t be saved to your Google Account even if you’re signed in.

Voice search

Incidentally, if you would like to delete your YouTube search history (videos you watched) just select the links from the left pane of the screen and delete them one by one.

Google Voice 4

The steps mentioned above are self-explanatory and can help you in completely stopping Google Voice from recording your voice. Google’s voice and audio activity page isn’t known to many. Possibly, due to this very reason that it stores such information about the user.

Although the feature finds use at many places, it can be an issue for mobile users.

You may also be interested in knowing what Google knows about you.

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  1. Is it true, If we delete our Ok Google voice data, our entire relationship with these devices will get despoiled?

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