Remap Keyboard Keys & Hotkeys in Windows 10 with SharpKeys

While typing faster, do you always hit wrong buttons on your computer? Then you must consider remapping your keyboard buttons. Remapping is a technique of allotting a different function to a keyboard key. For an example you can use the ‘Tab Kay’ as ‘Backspace’ key or vice versa. Remapping can be done as per your convenience, and it is useful too. I am organizing my Computer’s keyboard keys in such a way that I can reach them easily and type faster than before.

Remap Keyboard Keys

Remap Keyboard Keys

Remapping can be easily done with the help of SharpKeys. Remapping involves registry editing, so it is recommended to create a system restore point before you do it. SharpKeys is an open source software that lets you remap your keyboard functions as per your convenience. With its intuitive interface, it never lets you feel like that you are doing some geeky stuff like registry editing. It is very simple to operate.

Once you are done with creating the system restore point, you can use SharpKeys without any risk. In the main window you could see an empty list, in this list you can add your mappings. You can even delete or edit them afterwards.

To add a new mapping, click on ‘Add’ button and then choose a key that you want to map, or you can hit the ‘Type Key’ button and press that key from the keyboard and then choose the key you with which you want to map. For an example I am mapping the ‘Tab’ key with the backspace key so that every time I press ‘Tab’ key, backspace function should be performed.

Similarly, you can press the ‘Edit’ button and edit the saved mappings. You can even click on ‘Delete’ button to delete the mapping, moreover there is an option for deleting all the mappings. Once you are done with creating your mappings, click on ‘Write to Registry’ button to save those mappings with your system. You need to log out or reboot so that the changes can take place.

SharpKeys is a very useful application that lets you personalize your keyboard controls and personally I feel that it has helped me increased my typing speed by bringing some of the essential features near to my fingers. Excess of everything is bad, over personalization may cause difficulty while typing on different keyboards, so take care and do not forget to create a system restore point before using this software.

SharpKeys free download

Click here to download SharpKeys. Works on Windows 10/8/7.

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