How to play DVD movies in Windows 10/8

You will not be able to watch DVD movies on the default installation of any Windows 10/8 edition. While Windows Media Player is present, the DVD playing feature has been removed from it.

It will, however, be possible to play DVDs in the Windows Media Center. But again – Windows Media Center is not present in Windows 8. You will have to buy it as an extra, and then add Windows Media Center features to your copy of Windows 8, using the Add features to Windows 8 wizard.

Windows 10 removes the Windows Media Center, and so you cannot play DVDs or view DVD movies natively.

Play DVD movies in Windows 10/8

If you are using Windows 8 Pro, you can get the Windows Media Center by getting the paid Media Center Pack.

If you are using Windows 8, you will need to buy the Windows 8 Pro Pack and then enjoy Media Center and all the features of Windows 8 Pro.

Both will give you Media Center and include support for, DVD playback (in Media Center, not in Media Player), broadcast TV recording and playback (DBV-T/S, ISDB-S/T, DMBH, and ATSC), and VOB file playback. Do note that DVD playback in Windows Media Player won’t be enabled even after installing Media Center. This has been done to avoid overlapping feature between the two and avoid complexity with the previously installed component. DVD playback will be enabled only in Media Center. To enable the DVD Playback support in Windows Media Player, you will have no other option but to rely on third-party applications. You can get more details on this here.

Play DVD movies in Windows 10

If you are looking for a freeware solution, you can download and use the excellent VLC Media Player which is completely free and open source Media Player along with excellent multimedia framework.

If you are looking for a Windows Store app, you can check out PowerDVD Windows app – but it is not free.  It lets you watch movies, view photos, and listen to music too.

If you are using Windows 10, apart from VLC Media Player you can also use VLC Windows Store app or Windows DVD Player app.

Any other suggestions? Drop them in the comments section!

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  1. you’d wanna be smoking some bad granola to actually pay for windows media centre, it’s shit, vlc for videos and winamp for tunes !! not rocket science lol

  2. Jim Boyd

    Just one more reason NOT to upgrade to Windows 8….

  3. Noneed

    Gom Player
    GreenForce-Player 1.20 Build 2246
    Kantaris Media Player Lite 0.7.7
    SMPlayer 0.8.1
    VLC media player 2.0.3
    Xbox Media Center 11.0
    MediaPortal 1.2.3

    All of the above are free players to get the job done.

    Need anything more to play DVD in Windows 8:
    Windows 8 Codecs 1.21

    With above any media player is full media center without spending any peny…

    Enjoy Windows 8!

  4. Darkoil

    Media center is free for those that actually own a legal w8 copy. there’s an offer in Microsoft page

  5. Shocar

    I have a legal copy of windows 8 and media player don’t work!!

  6. Jaysmith57301

    You have to have Win8 Pro, I have home and it and the free key does not work.

  7. Samit Tandukar

    if you don’t want to bloat your windows with some media players, then simply use k lite codec and associate codecs with windows media player, windows media player will play all the media files……

    Personally, I use both k lite codec and pot player where pot player is default media player.

  8. James

    just bought a computer with Windows 8 one of the first things I do is hook up my DVD play to play a movie – it doesn’t work – I am not Joking – I will probably take it back and get a MAC…what other basics like this are not included with the computer ?

  9. des_3

    Just downloaded it and it was playing my downloaded movies within seconds. I’ll see how good the player is, but at least I can FINALLY play my movies on my new laptop. It’s going to make the roadtrips for work infinitely better! Thank you!!!!

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