VLC App For Windows 10/8 Review

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  1. vasudevG

    “…..VLC‘s app lets you to play only the content which are in your Libraries section. So you can’t play the custom location file…..” << No, you can play videos from oth locations too. Have to click 'Open video' button present at top right near Search. Also while playing audios, there's no its own vol control , have to open Charm & use Windows native . Also many people are reporting crashing of the app….yeah its still in Beta…

  2. ^^ I missed that open file button, agree, it can play custom located videos as well. Agreed with the fact of crashing, additionally the app itself says that it would be unresponsive while indexing. For volume control you keyboard combinations can also be used. Hope to see stable release soon 🙂

  3. The Voice Of Reason

    Why do we have to go through the windows store to get this VLC 8.1 software? Is this corporate control to the point of total control? Why do I have to be constantly reminded to “buy” software?

  4. ^^ These are the Microsoft’s guidelines and we can’t alter this, the only option we have is to follow them 🙂

  5. sarataste

    Can someone plis tell me where the volume is 🙂 I don’t mean the PC volume but VLC volume, since before I was able to adjust that separately for a video with low sound quality. Tnx

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