3 popular free Media Codec Packs for Windows 7

Playing media files should have been easy in any player in today’s times. But we  still face problems at times while playing certain media files in some systems. This happens because the required Codec may be missing in some systems.

A Codec is software that is used to compress or decompress a digital media file,  such as a song or video. There are hundreds of audio and video Codecs in use  today. Some have been created by Microsoft, but the vast majority of Codecs  have been created by other companies, organizations, or individuals.

Codec Packs allow running of any media file or song of any format.  The best or most popular three Codec Packs for Windows 7 are:

1: Windows 7 Codec Pack

3 best Microsoft Windows Essential Media Codec Pack

Almost all kinds of files which are played have codes attached to it. But many a times when we actually play large and high quality files on these Codec, they not only interrupt the file while playing but also stop the video, and possibly even crash the video player. So as to avoid this crashing, the Window 7 Codec pack is  recommended. The Windows 7 Codec Pack supports almost every compression and file type used by modern video and audio files. It is quite easy to install.  Users of this Codec Pack need not  go online if you need to debug crashes. It has an inbuilt debugger.

2: K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

3 best Microsoft Windows Essential Media Codec Pack

Many files are embedded with randomized formats. For every format,  coding is present. Most formats can be plugged into every player. But some cannot. The K-Lite Mega Codec has those abilities to play every prescribed format file which the user wants.  With the K-Lite Codec Pack you should be able to play all the popular movie formats and even some rare formats. This package is mainly for power users and people who do their own encodings.

3. Shark007 Codec Pack

3 popular free Media Codec Pack for Windows 7

With Shark007 Codec, now you can enjoy quality HD Audio and Video playback in a much simpler way than the rest. You will also be able to watch High Definition videos without the need of premium players, as this Codec Pack will allow you to get everything possible. The Shark007 Codec supports the following file-types including amr, mpc, ofr, divx, mka, ape, flac, evo, flv, m4b,  mkv, ogg, ogv, ogm, rmvb, xvid. A settings Application has also been attached with this Codec Pack, to be used in conjunction with your preferred Windows Media Center Setup. This will allow the user to acquire the privilege of choosing different types of splitters and decoders for each specific Filetype.

Which one do you use or recommend!?

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