Codec Tweak Tool: Manage, detect, remove broken Codecs and Filters

Codec Tweak Tool is an application used along with standard stand-alone K-Lite Codec Pack that helps users detect and remove broken or damaged codecs, filters, and splitters after scanning a huge database of codec list.

Codec Tweak Tool

Codec Tweak Tool

Why do we need codecs

It is necessary because audio and video files are large, due to size issue it becomes difficult to send files across the internet quickly. To speed up this process Codecs were built that helps to encode a signal for transmission and later on decodes it for viewing so in absence of codec the downloads would take much longer time than they do now.

Codec Tweak Tool provides users with codec information those are broken, damaged or installed as a detailed log. It gives users an option to enable/disable all or one codec pack in few clicks.

The workflow followed by the application to detect broken codec is as follows. It scans the registry, looks for damaged codec and removes all those splitters. The tweak tool helps users to restore a codec, if it is removed or deleted by mistake.

The freeware comes with few handy options to optimize the performance of audio/video output, as well. Users can hit the Fixes option under the General menu. This will detect and remove broken VFW/ACM codecs and help re-register base DirectShow filters. It will also clear Windows icons, font, and ActiveMovie filter cache.

The tool can also be used to collect system information and lists all 32-bit, 64-bit installed DirectShow filters, ACM/VFW and DirectX Media Objects.

The DirectShow, ACM/VFW, Preferred Splitters under Codec and Filter Management option can be used to enable or disable Microsoft G.711 decoder audio and IVF source filter file.

The Preferred Decoders option under Win7DFilter Tweaker section helps enable or disable 32 & 64 bit decoders for H.264, XVID, DIVX, MP4V, HEVC, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV1, WMV2, WMV3, WMVA,DVSD, AAC, LATM AAC, MP3, MP1, MP2 file formats. Users can change codecs from Microsoft default codecs to use MERIT codecs.

The tool also offers an option to disable codecs for a wide range of file formats under Media Foundation settings. The Microsoft Codec tweaks option can be used to disable Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio, Video Decoder, Mpeg4s, Mpeg43, MP3 Decoder DMO and Media Foundation.

Is tweaking codecs necessary

Codec packs compress or decompress media files such as songs or videos. The codec consists of two parts – an encoder that encodes those media files and a decoder that decodes or decompresses the file. Tweaking codecs can help generate better outputs, that uses codec packs to run.

You may download Codec Tweak Tool from its official website here.

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