PIN does not work and will not let me sign in to Windows 10


  1. What I absolutely HATE are those “you have been denied permission…” messages. The novice will be stumped; the experienced user will be needlessly irritated. It’s time for Microsoft to stop being a nanny and let people (especially the single users of home computers) have control over their machines. The constant reminders, alerts, warnings, all those are simply annoyances one could do without.

  2. When you take the ownership of the Ngc folder, the login screen will not load anymore (endless spinning dots). Maybe the behavior changed in more recent builds. I ended up with deleting the Ngc folder completely in safe mode. Afterwards the System booted normally and i was also able to set a new PIN. The folder was automatically recreated with the correct permission and ownership settings.

  3. Even after granting myself permissions it says I require permission from an administrator, to delete the file, yet doesn’t give me the option as an administrator to give myself permission…

  4. R/p Sir…
    i just deleted all the things from this folder now.. when am click on add button to set up a new pin its do nothing…now suggest me what i can do that……

  5. The question remains unanswered, because I cannot get into windows 10 in the first place in order to apply any/all the suggested fixes!.

  6. I have mentioned … “To rectify this situation, create a system restore point first and then log into your Windows 10 computer using an alternative sign in option, and then do the following”.

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