Windows SteadyState alternatives for Windows 7/8/10

You may have read earlier that Microsoft has decided to discontinue downloads of the very useful Windows SteadyState after this year. While one can always achieve a Steady State in Windows 7 using Group Policy, native Windows 7 features, and […]

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How much will Office for Mac 2011 cost?

Microsoft  officially  announced that the Office for Mac  2011 is Released To Manufacturers. This means that the product reached to its final stage and now  is being sent to production after the  product went through  as many as 6 beta […]

How to achieve a Steady State in Windows 7

Windows SteadyState is a useful tool for shared-computer access; however, it supports 32-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista only. It does not support Windows 7. It helps defend shared computers from unauthorized changes and restricts users from changing […]

P2V Migration for Software Assurance

Even for the most skilled IT shops with resources to work through compatibility challenges, there can often be a few users that effectively block roll-outs to entire sites or larger numbers of users. Providing the option for users to retain […]

Windows Live CoolHotmail leaves its users in the lurch!

Way back in Sept 2007, Microsoft had launched a unique service in India, where users could get unique customized Live Hotmail id’s. There were around 250 very cool domains under five groupings ! You could get individualized cool Windows Live […]

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Google Earth: Explore the Planet and beyond

Google Earth is an interactive, virtual globe that enables you to find and explore just about any location on our planet and beyond.  Google has updated its very popular imagery and terrain exploration software. The new Google Earth for Windows desktop […]

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Google AdSense to introduce larger Ad Formats?

There may be good news for Bloggers, website owners, publishers and advertisers alike. Looks like Google appears to be getting ready to introduce more large-sized Ad Formats, in its Google AdSense program. This sure to give more options to the […]