Change WiFi Roaming Sensitivity to improve Wi-Fi reception & performance


  1. Excellent tip. I have not noticed any issues on my setup but this is good to know.
    Related to this I did notice improved Wi-Fi performance as a side effect of
    changing the computer power option setting to high performance.

  2. You are probably using the default driver. You need to update the driver from the manufacturer’s website.

  3. It doesn’t work for me! Realtek latest driver, Roaming Aggressiveness to highest, I can see in wifi network status that the signal goes down and down, and I’ve another wireless network with stronger signal, and it doesn’t change! (windows10)

  4. What if I am using mobile wifi hotspot? Will tinkering roaming aggressiveness improve the signal?

  5. this makes no sense. if you are having wi-fi disconnects you would want the lowest roaming not the highest!

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