How to manage Local Users and Groups using Windows PowerShell

How to manage Local Users and Groups using Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell can also be used to manage Local Users and Groups. This affirms to the principle of Windows 10 being a multiuser operating system. There are other GUI based utilities to manage Local Users and Groups. But some System […]

Delete trashbin folder

Hard drive showing wrong free space in Windows 10

Imagine a situation when your a disk in your system is showing high space utilization while you haven’t installed many applications. Upon checking the actual volume occupied by the apps inside the drive, you realize that they aren’t occupying a […]

Windows Subsystem For Linux has no Installed Distributions error

Windows Subsystem for Linux has no installed distributions

Windows 10 supports the installation of a number of distros that come under Windows Subsystem for Linux. But even when these distros are installed users have reported encountering Windows Subsystem for Linux has no installed distributions error. Some of the […]

How to find out Windows 10 OEM Product Key

PC manufacturers like HP, Dell, Asus, etc., offer the Windows OS with a built-in Product Key which can be activated right away. This is called as the Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM key. It comes programmed into your PCs.  This […]

Device requires further installation

Device requires further installation

In case you encounter the error Device requires further installation while trying to connect an external device to your system, then this article may be helpful for you. Usually, external devices like USB sticks, headphones, speakers, etc. auto-install drivers when […]

Can't install Game Pass Games on Windows 10

Can’t install Game Pass Games on Windows 10 PC

Xbox Game Pass is a unique store like application for Windows which allows on to install games available in the library. However, if you can’t install Xbox Game Pass Games on Windows PC, follow our suggestion to fix it. Can’t […]

How to make Gmail look like Outlook

Gmail and Outlook are the two popular email services preferred by most of us today. Both the email service has grown significantly over the period of time and continues to grow. Choosing one among the two email service provider is […]

Tips App Windows 10

How to uninstall Tips App in Windows 10

Microsoft offers a Get Started or Tips app which helps a new Windows user become aware of the operating system, and its features. However, this app is of no use for veteran users, and even if you uninstall, it doesn’t […]

How to install and use Sortd Gmail add-on on Chrome

Kanban board is one of the incredible ways of organizing your work. It helps you to visualize your workflow, optimize your work and keep track of all the important tasks in a single place. Most of the businesses today use […]

download Visual Studio Code Insider

How to download Visual Studio Code Insider

If you are into Windows or development of software running on Windows, I am sure you must have heard about Visual Studio. It’s a proprietary tool from Microsoft which helps you code. One of the best things about the tool […]

Microsoft Feedback Hub Announcements

How to uninstall Feedback Hub App in Windows 10

As Windows Insider evolved, Microsoft evolved Windows Feedback system as well. Open to all the consumers on Windows 10, Feedback Hub is a great way to find know the issue, report a new one, and seek resolution. However, if you […]