How to enable Windows Sandbox in VirtualBox guest OS

Windows Sandbox is one of the new features in Windows 10. Unfortunately, even if you are using the correct Windows 10 build in VirtualBox, you cannot use Windows Sandbox. Like VMware, VirtualBox requires specific support from your processor so that […]

Test monitor for gaming & motion handling

Test Computer Monitor for Gaming & Motion Handling

Take these tests if you want to find out how good is your computer display for motion handling & gaming. You can check Eye Tracking, Persistence, Ghosting, Black frames, Motion blur, Moving images, Defective Pixels, Uniformity, Color Distances, Gradient, Sharpness, […]

Akamai NetSession Client

What is Akamai NetSession Client? Should I remove it?

When you try to download software or an application that is large from the Internet, the role of Akamai NetSession Client comes into play. The client comes pre-installed on your PC or bundled with the program you are installing, claims […]

Which VPN is the best to buy? VPN Comparison Chart

When it comes to choosing a VPN service, it gets confusing. The primary reason why anybody decides to buy a VPN is to hide and leave no trace behind so that others are not able to track you. However, things […]

Best LibreOffice extensions to boost your productivity

LibreOffice is a popular office suite used by millions of people. It is adopted by many corporations for its feature-rich tools known to enhance productivity. The Office suite is already loaded with dozens of feature, and mostly you may not […]

How to install extensions on Microsoft Edge from Chrome Web Store

We recently reported that Microsoft has started releasing public preview builds of their new Microsoft Edge browser powered by Chromium on the Internet. They are releasing it under the Microsoft Edge Insider Program. Being powered by the same engine as […]

Microsoft Office vs Open Office vs LibreOffice

Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice vs LibreOffice: Which one is better?

Microsoft Office remains to be a powerful platform among the office suits, however, with the rise of free alternative office suites like LibreOffice and Apache’s OpenOffice to Microsoft Office, the question arises if you have to switch from Microsoft Office […]

chrome high memory usage

Reduce Chrome memory usage & make it use less RAM

Google Chrome is a popular browser. The main reason behind its reliability is the fact that it runs on Chromium. Microsoft has recently announced moving Microsoft Edge to the Chromium engine. Many users, however, report that they have been spotting […]

Chromium Services & Features in new Edge

Microsoft disabled these Chromium Services & Features in new Edge

Microsoft has started rolling out Chromium based Edge for Canary and Developer builds. Using Chromium as the base, Edge should work much faster, and not to forget will also support Chrome extensions. However, to our surprise, Microsoft has disabled many […]