Fix Windows Update Install Error 0x80070020

A few errors with Windows Updates don’t allow the Windows Update service to initiate while others halt the process while it’s running. Of the many errors with Windows Updates, one is Install error 0x80070020. This cause behind this error is […]

Monitor GPU Usage in Windows 10

How to monitor GPU Usage in Windows 10 using Task Manager

The Task Manager is one stop application to monitor all processes, memory, Network, CPU, and resource usage that Windows requires.  However, there is no way to monitor GPU usage in Windows 10 because that feature is smartly hidden into Task […]

How to view HEIC and HEVC files on Windows 10 Photos app

iOS devices use high-efficiency camera capture format for image and video contents. If you ever tried transferring pictures and video files from an iPhone or iPad to a Windows PC, you would see a lot of peculiar files with a HEIC […]

How to get the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

How to get the Windows 10 October 2018 Update v1809

Microsoft will start offering Windows 10 October 2018 Update v1809 soon now, and I am sure that most of you must be looking forward to installing it as soon as it is made publicly available. This post shows the various […]

Uninstall Windows 10 Creators Update

How to rollback & uninstall Windows 10 October 2018 Update

If after installing the Windows 10 October 2018 Update v1809 you are facing problems and issues with it, you can uninstall it and go back or rollback to the previous Windows version 1709. Most of you may be familiar with the […]

Error opening file for writing

Fix Error opening file for writing on Windows 10

If when running a setup file for installing the software you receive message Error opening file for writing on your Windows 10/8/7 then this post will help you fix the problem. This can occur when running a setup file for […]

Some update files aren't signed correctly, Error code 0x800b0109

Some update files aren’t signed correctly, Error code 0x800b0109

Whenever an update is downloaded from Microsoft servers, they are checked for their validity. Just like how browsers check for a valid certificate. If you receive an error message saying Some update files aren’t signed correctly, error code 0x800b0109, this means the […]

Windows Update error 0x80071a91

Fix Windows Update Error 0x80071a91

Windows Updates are critical to the system. They push along with themselves security updates which are crucial to the system. If a Windows Update is delayed, it could pose a threat to the system, and thus such issues need to […]


DRIVER CORRUPTED EXPOOL error is caused due to issues with device drivers on Windows 10/8/7. This indicates that the system attempted to access invalid memory at a process IRQL that was too high. It can occur at any point while you […]

PhishTank report Phishing

PhishTank will help you verify or report Phishing websites

PhishTank is a project from OpenDNS that aids in checking out websites that attempt Phishing. OpenDNS is a service that offers both domain name resolving service as well as blocking websites that are suspected as phishing domains. PhishTank is a […]

Windows 10 Creators Update not installing

Windows 10 October 2018 Update v1809 not installing

Some users reported that they were unable to install the Windows 10 October 2018 Update v1809 on their system. Though there may or may not be any error message specific to this issue, users reported that it reverts to the […]

SSL Connection errors

How to fix common SSL Connection errors in your browser

An SSL connection error is a very common one, and if receive any of these common SSL Connection errors in Chrome, Edge or Firefox, follow these solutions to resolve the issue. Many a time the issue can only be rectified […]

LoadLibrary failed with error 1114 on Windows 10

While working with some graphics intensive applications like video rendering software, or games like PUBG or Fortnite, something in the background can get messed up, and you might get an error saying, LoadLibrary failed with error 1114, A dynamic link library […]

Unable to write PROCMON23 sys

Unable to write PROCMON23.SYS? Here is the fix!

PROCMON23.SYS is a component of the SysInternals Process Monitor which is a monitoring tool for Windows which can track Registry changes, DLL changes,  and thread activity in real time. It can also track the complete boot process. The details of […]

Error 0x80246007 when downloading Windows 10 Updates

Fix error 0x80246007 when downloading Windows Updates

When Windows Update service scans for an update and starts downloading, you may receive an error saying Some updates did not finish downloading, We will keep trying, Error code 0x80246007. This may happen with any Windows Update, in fact with Windows applications […]

Twitch not working on Chrome in Windows

If you’re a video game streamer, then you should already know that Twitch is the best place to show off your skills and possibly earn some cash. It has been this way for years despite the many competitions. With the […]

Repair corrupted image files

Repair corrupted image files online free or using freeware

Many a time the images you download including GIF files get corrupted. If not worse, it usually happens when the metadata of the image is corrupted, and Windows 10 PC cannot read it properly. Using these free damaged photo repair […]



When you visit a website which uses HTTPS, it also offers an SSL certificate to the browser to verify its identity. While it does have a lot of things inside it, one thing it includes is the URL of the website. In […]



When visiting a website if you are facing ERR SSL VERSION OR CIPHER MISMATCH error, then primarily it’s not your fault as an end user. It can happen with any browser including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge browser. It means […]