How to take full webpage screenshot in Chrome & Firefox

Chrome and Firefox are not only popular because they are fast but also because they are readily customizable. Example, you can configure these browsers to take or capture a full webpage screenshot. So. Let’s see how to capture a full […]

uninstall Immersive reader in Windows 10 Start Menu

How to uninstall Immersive Reader in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Immersive Reader is a powerful tool which can help one to read and pronounce words which are tough for them. The app can read text out loud, break it into syllables, and increase the spacing between lines and letters. […]

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop Service offers Windows on the cloud

As more, and more enterprise are moving to the cloud, Microsoft has introduced Windows Virtual Desktop. It helps a company deploy and scale Windows and Office on Azure with no comprise in security and compliance. Imagine this as Windows on […]

An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file

An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file

When intentionally copying files to the OneDrive directory, you may see a message An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file. There are various error codes related to this error such as error code 0x8007016A, 0x80070570, 0x80004005, 0x80070570, […]

How to recover lost passwords in Firefox browser

Losing saved logins and passwords can be a problem especially if you don’t have a backup of it. It mainly occurs when someone, accidentally deletes a file in which all your personal information is stored. At other times, an update […]

Best free Google Calendar alternatives for Windows PC

Google Calendar is a popular calendaring wizard that enables you to record upcoming events and appointments daily. However, everyone has their preference and the liking for one product changes as the time changes. Not everyone is comfortable using Google Calendar […]

uninstall 3D Builder

How to uninstall 3D Builder App in Windows 10

3D Builder is a fantastic app in Windows 10, which lets you create 3D models of almost anything. You can use the inbuilt 3D objects or download additional ones from Microsoft. While as much I would love to recommend you […]

Install add-ons for Stremio

Kodi vs Stremio comparison – Which is better?

Kodi has been in the market for long, and is perhaps one of the best things that happened to the free media streaming market. Stremio is a relatively new media streaming app, but has been quick to gain popularity. It […]

Opera GX - The browser made especially for gamers

Opera GX is a gaming browser made especially for gamers

Most PC users have the perception that web browsers hog a ton of RAM and CPU. Opera GX was made keeping this point in focus. Opera GX is a brand new browser released, especially for the gaming community. The browser […]

How to turn off Joyful Animations in Outlook Web App

A relatively new feature in the is Joyful Animations. The feature adds animation to words conveying expressions like greetings, compliments, and felicitations in your email. Although good, not all of us may like it. So, if you prefer to […]

How to change Sleep settings on Windows 10

How to change Sleep settings on Windows 10

Windows comes with an idle feature which puts a computer into Sleep Mode to save energy and battery life.  In Sleep Mode, the computer halts all the activities, and the state is saved. When you are up to handle the […]

Sticky Notes Folder Location Windows 10

Where are Sticky Notes saved in Windows 10 – Location

Sticky Notes is a Windows app, and unlike other applications like Notepad, it doesn’t store text in simple TXT file. Instead, it stores all the data in a database named plum.sqlite. Whatever text you store in available in this database. It […]

stop Mobile hotspot from Turning off

How to stop Mobile Hotspot from Turning off in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a Mobile Hotspot feature which lets you share your existing internet connection to other devices over WiFi. One of the caveats of this feature is that it doesn’t remain always on. If there are no devices […]