Airplane Mode turns on by itself in Windows 10

Airplane Mode turns on by itself in Windows 10

Airplane Mode gets a device in such a state where all the wireless connections of the devices go off. But some reports tell us that the Airplane Mode turns on by itself in Windows 10. This can be caused due […]

download Tik Tok app for Windows 10 PC

How to download TikTok app for Windows 10 PC

TikTok is a famous video social network where everybody is sharing their videos and impressing the world with their creativity. You can sync your songs with special effects and make it even funnier. But just like any other Android Apps, […]

All-in-One Voice Changer

How to change your voice to sound like someone else

You may need to modulate your voice a little for discretion over calls or for maintaining secrecy during transactions. The legality of voice modulation could vary among jurisdictions, but it is usually legal. However, the purpose may or may not […]

How to enable or disable Turn Mobile Hotspot Remotely in Windows 10

How to turn on or off Mobile Hotspot remotely in Windows 10

Microsoft has added support in Windows 10 for turning Mobile Hotspot remotely on and off. Though the Mobile Hotspot feature (earlier known as Virtual Networks) was introduced with the initial release of Windows 10 this feature was added recently. With […]

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

How to create custom Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

In the quest to maximize productivity and blitz through the flood of Windows 10 applications at top speed, ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ aid as one secret weapon. Windows 10 offers you the option to create custom keyboard shortcuts that allow you to […]

Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Cortana voice commands to control Windows 10 PC

Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, is one of the best features of Windows 10. Cortana is very similar to Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, it can perform a variety of functions like open an application, search for files, check the weather, […]

Red X in Circle error on Local Disk drive partitions

Red X on folders, files or Hard Drive in Windows 10

According to several reports, a rare error of Local Disk drive partitions having a red circle with an X in their icons. The cause of this error is still unknown, but it usually means that the file folder or disk […]

Altap Salamander is free 2-panel File Manager for Windows PC

The utility of the File Explorer in Windows 10 can be enhanced furthermore by installing a simple freeware program Altap Salamander. It is a customizable file manager that splits the virtual workspace into two sections with a toolbar residing on […]

How to install & run Microsoft Works on Windows 10

Microsoft actively developed a productivity software suite – Microsoft Works. It was a one-stop-shop for a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a database management system. Later, it was updated to get a calendar and a dictionary. It was an inferior […]

How to setup and manage Your Phone to get notifications from Android

How to get Phone notifications on your Windows 10 PC

Your Phone app has become a hub to sync notifications from any Phone to your Windows 10 computer. It has replaced the Cortana app in enabling the same feature. While a user cannot replicate their Phone apps on their Windows […]

Remove Manage Printer

A problem prevented the document from being scanned

When scanning a document using the Printer+Scanner. if you receive an error saying – A problem prevented the document from being scanned, then in this post, we will share solutions to fix this problem. A problem prevented the document from […]

Fix Windows 10 RDP black screen issue

Fix Windows 10 Remote Desktop Black Screen issues

According to some reports, using RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol on recent versions of Windows 10 results in a black screen. One encounters this issue is when using the Remote Desktop Connection feature on Windows 10. The real causes of […]

Useful Chromium Command Line Switches

Useful Chrome Command Line Switches or Flags

Chromium & Chrome support command line flags, also called as switches. They allow you to run Chrome with special options that can help you troubleshoot or enable particular features or modify otherwise default functionality. In this post, I will share […]

Install Amazon Prime Video app on Windows 10

How to install the Amazon Prime Video app on Windows 10

Amazon Prime Video app is not available for Windows 10. But Amazon has released a web app for its shopping portal and a music app for Windows 10. With the power of Progressive Web Apps, the Amazon Prime Video app […] is not receiving or sending emails

Some users of the popular online email service,, have been complaining as of late about a problem where is no longer receiving or sending emails for some strange unknown reason. To be completely honest, we’re not sure of […]

How to sync Outlook and Gmail contacts

Today we will take a look at free tools that will allow you to sync Google contacts between your Gmail and Outlook accounts. These tools are perfect for syncing contacts for Outlook users who have one or multiple Google accounts. […]