Strengthen Privacy & Security Settings is one of the best services provided by Microsoft. It offers a secure email service with modern interface and powerful features. respects its users’ privacy and thus it don’t scan the content of your email messages, address book, mail attachments etc. to serve relevant ads.

We have seen how you can harden Microsoft Account Privacy Settings and some security steps which can be taken for Microsoft Account protection. The following write-up will explain how to change the privacy settings for your account at, so as it to make it more secure and private. Privacy Settings

Manage Rulesoutlook privacy settings 1 gives you full control to handle your email as it comes in. You can move your email messages to different folders, flag them and much more simply by setting some rules.

Click on Settings icon on the top right corner of your browser and select ‘Manage Rules’ from the drop-down and create rules.

Manage Your Accountoutlook privacy settings 2

You can manage your account details (password, addresses, and time zone), email forwarding, automated replies and aliases just with a few clicks.

Click on the ‘Settings’ icon > ‘Options’ and adjust the settings under ‘Managing Your Account’ tab.

Filtering and Reporting Mails

outlook privacy settings 3

Go to ‘Settings’ icon à ‘Options’ and adjust the settings under ‘Filter and Report Mails’.

You can choose a junk email filter, delete junk email, and report unwanted email to the sender and Block content from unknown senders.

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Manage Safe and Blocked Senders

outlook privacy settings 4

Go to ‘Settings’ icon > ‘Options’ > Preventing Junk email and adjust the settings under ‘Safe and blocked senders’.

Here you can add the senders in a safe list or even block them. The emails from safe senders will never be sent to the junk email folder and those from blocked senders will automatically be deleted.

outlook privacy settings 5

Furthermore, also lets you recover messages even after the deleted folder has been emptied.

Go to Settings > Options > Advanced Privacy Settings.

Additional settings

1] You can add a current alternate email address and mobile phone number to your account. This is good from a security point of view, should you have the need to recover your hacked account.

2] Avoid signing in with a computer which is not your own. If you need to, use a single-use code, which is a code you can use instead of your password to sign in with your Microsoft account.

3] If you’ve linked your Inbox to your favorite social networks, offers additional options to help you have control exactly of what you share across your social networks, including privacy settings for photos and videos. You can change your Outlook setting for this feature at any time by clicking “Turn off” in the bottom of the People pane. Privacy Settings

4] You will find some additional advanced privacy settings under Options, which let you change auto-complete suggestions and Deleted messages recovery options.

Visit Options to start configuring your mail account.

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