This NotPetya Ransomware vaccination will stop the latest ransomware in its tracks


  1. This vaccine guy’s message is so confusing. First he says the name is perfc.dll. Then he tells people to create a file perfc without a file extension. These two statements contradict each other. No one on earth exactly knows what he means. If you browse different reports of this same story, they all come up with different interpretations. Hilariously, this reporter amends the story by recommending three different filenames at the end. Is it a scam or what? Really suspicious.

  2. IMO the reason there is no file extension is that petya must just go looking for the perfc fileby name and not the extension.

    I have checked out the ESET website to see whjat they suggested. And as above they reccomend the 3 files as above. Note the first file is perfc without an extension. The other two files must be what they think are also required.

    So Anand is correct in what he says.

  3. He thinks that the file should be perfc.dll – but he is only 98% sure – hence make one without an extension.

    Later on Eset – after some time and additional research maybe – says, create the 3 files as a matter of abundant precaution.

    And BTW, have better things to do than trying to scam people! 🙂

  4. This SMB1 fix caused caused me to lose access to my home network drive. There has to better a way to do this.

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