MyPublicWiFi: Turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot


  1. i bought a for a loaw price a windows tablet.don t know how the performance is.mi samsung galaxy tab 4 has from t mobile 3g or 4g..i understood public WIFI is t save.wy would i use this app ? i download it soon install it on the windows tablet to play with it

  2. I don’t have wireless router, but I want to share Internet for my iPhone with my laptop. I also used a tool named 160WiFi to create free Wi-Fi hotspot on my Windows 10 laptop!

  3. I can connect but I can’t access the internet.. I instaleed MyPublicWiFi on my computer and I’m trying to connect on my cellphone.

  4. mypublicwifi is not easy to set up. I have been trying to set it up for over a week and still not got it set up. I can connect but no internet access. Nothing that connects to mypublicwifi has internet access. It seems that you have to be a computer expert to set up mypublicwifi. I will have to pay someone a stupid amount of money to set it up or just uninstall mypublicwifi. Do not download this software as mypublicwifi is useless.

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