MyPublicWiFi: Turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot

There are several ways you can share your broadband connection with other people or perhaps with your own mobile or tablet. But the list of available possibilities gets fewer, if you want to do that and do not have a WiFi router. But if you use a WiFi Hotspot maker application and a PC containing WiFi equipment, then you can share your Internet connection. MyPublicWiFi is such a hotspot creator that allows you to share your PC’s internet connection and the most beautiful thing is you can obtain it for free.

MyPublicWiFi app can be obtained for Windows 10 / 8 / 7. You’ll be able to download and install it on 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows. The number of option is not too high but each of the available feature provides multiple advances over other similar software.

MyPublicWiFi setup

The setup doesn’t require much time and understandings. Anybody without having any expert information, can certainly set it up. Anyway, at first, download MyPublicWiFi and install it on your Windows PC. After opening the app, you will get a screen that looks like this:

MyPublicWiFi start screen

The first thing to do, is to enter a Name and the Network key. This Network Key will be using as a WiFi hotspot password. After that, make a tick in the check box that is positioned before Enable Internet Sharing. Thereafter, expand the drop-down menu and select your internet connection that you want to share or use as the internet connection source of your hotspot. This should be Ethernet. But, you can also use Wi-Fi, DSL, 3G/HSDPA/4G.

Following that, you can hit the Set up and Start Hotspot button. For the first time, it may take a few couple of seconds to verify all entered information and start the hotspot. Otherwise, it starts everything within moments. After starting the WiFi hotspot, you can access your internet connection from any mobile, tablet or PC.

There are some same software that can help you to set the maximum number of devices to be connected with your WiFi hotspot. However, MyPublicWiFi does not have any such option. However, this is possible to check your connected devices from the Clients tab.

MyPublicWiFi Connected clients

The Management tab contains the following options;

  • Change language
  • Allow/block file sharing – you can block file sharing by enabling Firewall to prevent the use of file-sharing software or P2P Protocols.
  • Enable/disable URL log – it will let you track all the URLs that have been opened from connected devices
  • Allow/block MyPublicWiFi to launch on Windows startup

MyPublicWiFi Management

Considering all the things, MyPublicWiFi seems very useful for them, who do not want to go through a load of settings to just share internet connection. The signal strength is quite good.

If you like it, you can download MyPublicWiFi from here.

Bzeek, Connectify, mHotspot and Virtual Router Manager are other good hotspot creator for Windows, you may want to check out.

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