Virtual Router Manager: Convert your Windows PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

All of us have an Internet connection on our PC or Laptop, but what if you’ve got a bunch of devices? You don’t need to buy different Internet connections for each of your devices. You can easily convert your PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot and connect all your devices to it, with the help of Virtual Router Manager. Virtual Router Manager turns any Windows 10/8/7 computer into a Wi-Fi Hot Spot using Wireless Hosted Network technology and is written by Chris Pietschmann, a Microsoft MVP for Bing Maps.

Virtual Router Manager

Virtual Router Manager

Virtual Router is a very useful and handy tool that lets you share your Internet Connection with any of your Wi-Fi enabled devices. You can even further extend your internet connection using this software. It is very easy to operate and requires no major configuration steps at all!

You simply need to choose a good name for your hotspot connection. You can even make it more secure by supplying it with a password. You can also choose which network connection to share. This was very useful to me as I connect my laptop to 2-3 Wi-Fi networks at a time. One, I use for Internet browsing and the other for File Sharing or testing purposes. This option allowed me to share a specific network only.

Use Virtual Router Manager as Internet Connection Extender

You can use Virtual Router Manager software to extend your internet connection to a wider range. Here is a quick tutorial:

1. Connect to a working Internet connection (wired or wireless).

2. Install and Run Virtual Router Manager.

3. Give a network name and password.

4. Under Shared Connection, choose the connection to which you’ve connected in the very first step.

5. Click on ‘Start Virtual Router’ Button.

Now your laptop or PC is acting as an Internet connection extender. If you’ve already had a Wi-Fi Router, you can now extend its range with the help of your Wi-Fi enabled Windows machine.

Virtual Router has been written in C# and is completely free. The software has been licensed as Open Source, so without any hesitations, you can use it anywhere: Home, Work Place, Library or just anywhere.

Click here to download Virtual Router Manager.

While you can always enable Internet Connection Sharing & turn Windows PC into WiFi Hotspot natively, such free WiFi  HotSpot software make things easier.

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  1. Manoj

    I installed virtual router in my machine(win 7).
    Shared Connections tab is disabled in mine(i am connected to internet through my dongle).
    Dont know what might be the problem :
    Any kind of help is appreciated 🙂

  2. Albin

    Does this works with same USB wifi adapter. I have only one USB wifi adapter and i use it to connect to other wifi. Is it possible to connect to other wifi and share wifi at the same time (i.e. AP mode and normal mode).

  3. pavankumar

    does this works on pc….?

  4. Peter A. van Rijswijk

    all it does is say device is not working without even giving a clue which/what

  5. Bala

    virtual router is easy way to use wired medium into wireless and through my wifi USB it acts as router.

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