Microsoft Support may have a tough time handling Windows 10 help requests now


  1. “Support” for most all individual users (and I assume the vast majority of readers here) means Microsoft’s semi-useless Help pages – plus users’ own googling / binging efforts. I doubt it’s that much more effort for Microsoft.

  2. I’ve upgraded over 50 laptops & desk tops from windows 7/8.1 to windows 10 with no real issues, sure I had to update some of the graphic’s & sound card drivers which is no big problem at all. I also have a desk to PC which is my experimental machine, which I’ve put several different graphics & sound cards that are quite old into it & did come across the odd issue, but with bit of research & logical thinking I’ve managed to get them all running, As far as Microsoft’s support goes on the few occasions I’ve had to contact them, I have done it via a phone call & been able to resolve any issues on the first attempt, maybe its just pure luck its worked out for me.

  3. The fist time i installed Windows 10 was with “upgrade” but got an unspecified error way later on the installation phase, then i used the USB thumb drive i prepared with the Media Creation and everything went fine. My laptop is an Acer Aspire Timeline 5810T-8929 and came with Windows Vista and and upgrade offer to Windows 7 (the release of the OS was soon at that time). This is not the best laptop and is handling W10 good, so i cannot understand some of the problems people are encountering.

  4. I think Microsoft secretly crippled/bricked my young daughters laptop.


    Yesterday (after MS `bricked` my daughters laptop), I read of HUNDREDS of people having [the 0xc0000225 error]DESTRUCTION Bricking.
    NOTE: We didn`t ask for Windows 10. I have no interest in it for my youngsters 2014 Laptop.

    My daughters ASUS 2014 `Windows 8` laptop (became W8.1 last summer [the past time any updates were successful]) is now BRICKED after I again attempted a normal W8.1 `Windows UPDATE` (to W8.1 updates) just 2 days ago (for the first time in many months [there were over 100 “ESSENTIAL” updates on the Microsoft W8.1 Update settings] where I had not looked deeply into whether Windows 10 was trying to secretly worm its way onto it [where I and my daughter have no interest in Windows 10 spyware on her PC]), and it got stuck for many hours (no spinning icon/Nothing/Dead/Frozen); then (after 4 hours of inaction), when it was re-booted the laptop is now a constant F8 Blue Screen of Death. IMPOSSIBLE TO GET PAST.

    We called ASUS, (as there is a RECOVERY PARTITION), but after an HOUR of them trying to help (the usual fix procedures), they (essentially) said the laptop is bricked: “Send it in for `pay for Repairs`”.

    We would have to pay more than the current value of the laptop to get it fixed now.


    I cant even get a Windows 8 Disc to boot/repair on it.

    Thanks Bill & Co.
    A plague on your house.

    Separately, my 2007 Dual Core 2007 Toshiba 2007 laptop had zero problems updating from Vista to Windows 8, (then to Windows 8.1), then to W10. Its lower spec than my daughters Xmas 2014 laptop. So HARDWARE should not be an issue for a Modern laptop with higher specs.

    Separately again; Windows 8 used to BSoD my other Toshiba Windows 7 (2012) i7 laptop every single time the Number-Keypad was touched after I paid to UPGRADE to Windows 8 from Windows 7.

    EVENTUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYY W8.1 fixed that. But it was EXTREMELY MADDENING in the meantime; as for weeks I was not sure how it was happening.. (accidentally brushing the laptop number-keys).

    So, there may be hardware issues; but any Update should be IMPOSSIBLE to do if there are likely to be issues. As for my childs laptop; she has learned that you cannot trust Microsoft; Ever.

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