Fix Microsoft Store error 0x80131500 on Windows 10

The Microsoft Store is an integral part of the Windows 10 operating system. It is the distribution hub of various applications like Facebook, Netflix and more. Microsoft is looking forward to making it a hub for not just UWP applications but also Windows Classic Applications. With the power of Project Centennial, Microsoft has built a bridge which will let developers migrate and upload their Windows Classic applications to the Microsoft Store. Spotify is one of the examples of this. But at times, users have been reporting facing error 0x80131500 while opening the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store error 0x80131500 on Windows 10

Try that again, Something happened at our end, Waiting a bit might help, The error code is 0x80131500 in case you need it.

Microsoft Store error 0x80131500 on Windows 10

We will be taking a look at the different ways you can follow to fix the error 0x80131500 for Microsoft Store on Windows 10:

  1. Change the internet connection and see.
  2. Run Microsoft Store Apps Troubleshooter.
  3. Reset the Microsoft Store.
  4. Toggle the Date and Time Settings.
  5. Change DNS to another like OpenDNS.
  6. Create a new User Account on your computer.
  7. Use Windows PowerShell.

If waiting a bit and retrying does not help, you may carry out these suggestions.

1] Change the internet connection and see

Change your internet connection and see. If you are using Ethernet, try a WiFi and see if that

2] Run Microsoft Store Apps Troubleshooter

Microsoft has also released a dedicated Microsoft Store apps Troubleshooter. You need to download and run it.

3] Reset Microsoft Store

To reset the Microsoft Store, Run CMD as Administrator and execute the following command:


Wait for the process to complete and then try to install your App or Windows Update again.

4] Toggle the Date and Time Settings

You need to have a correct Date and Time set on your computer to access various Windows 10 services.

For this, start by hitting the WINKEY + I button combinations on the keyboard to start the Settings app.

Now, navigate to Time & Language > Date & time.

On the right side panel, turn the toggle On for Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically.

Next, click on Region & language on the left side panel. Make sure that the Country or region on the right side panel change it.

Close the Settings app and Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.

5] Change DNS to another like OpenDNS

Trying to switch to OpenDNS Servers might also help you in recovering from this error.

5] Create a new User Account on your computer

You can also try creating s new user account and check if your issue is fixed using that new User Account.

6] Re-register the Microsoft Store app using Powershell

Start by pressing WINKEY + X button combo or right-click on the Start button and click on Windows Powershell (Admin) or search for Powershell in the Cortana search box, right click on the Command Prompt icon and click on Run as Administrator. Click on Yes for the UAC or User Account Control prompt that you get. Then, the Windows Powershell window will finally be open. Now, type in the following command to re-register the Microsoft Store app and then hit Enter.

powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRoot\WinStore\AppxManifest.xml

Let the process complete and then check if your issue is fixed or not.

Are you able to access the Microsoft Store now?

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