Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming and Work for Windows 10 PC

Mechanical Keyboards are the best for typing and gaming. The tactile feedback is probably the most important aspect of a mechanical keyboard, so if you’re a person who is into this piece of technology and faster response times, then keep reading because we’ve got something good for you.

Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming and Work

With the vast amount of mechanical keyboards out in the marketplace, there is something for everyone. If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard that is affordable, we’re certain it’s there, and if you’re looking for something with a premium price, you can also be sure it’s out there.

Worry not, however, because there’s no need to go out searching for the best mechanical keyboards for Windows 10 money can buy. The following list should provide everything you need, well, at least for now until something better shows up.

Magicelec Mechanical Keyboard

What we have here is the Magicelec Mechanical Keyboard, and it’s one of the best available on the market right now. The device comes with advanced professional gamer keys that are backlit. We especially love having backlit keys because it makes for easier typing at nights without needing to have the main house bulb on.

Interestingly enough, users have the option of changing how the backlights work. For example, if the lights are too bright, it can be dimmed, and the colors can also be modified to fit a particular taste.

It should be noted the Magicelec Mechanical Keyboard comes with 104 anti-ghosting keys, which are perfect for the PC gamer on Windows 10. When it comes down to the cost, this beauty of a keyboard cost $59.99 via Amazon.

Ajazz Firstblood AK52 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Not many computer owners might know of Ajazz, one of the best companies when it comes down to mechanical keyboards. The Firstblood AK52 is one of the best on the market for budget gamers who are seeking a mechanical keyboard that is built to last.

The device comes with 104 anti-ghosting keys, backlit support with up to eight configurations and three for gaming. The keyboard can take up to 60 million keystrokes before it goes out of commission. That alone should give users an idea of how sturdy the Ajazz Firstblood AK52 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is, and why they should give it a thought.

When it comes down to the cost, this mechanical keyboard cost a cool $49.99 via Amazon.

Cougar 700K Aluminum Mechanical 32 Bit ARM Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re out looking for the perfect mechanical keyboard for every type of task, then the Cougar 700K Aluminum Mechanical 32 Bit ARM Keyboard might very well be the answer to your prayers. Bear in mind, this is not an affordable mechanical keyboard, so while most will want it, the majority will likely not be willing to throw down for it.

Here’s the thing, the Cougar 700K is rocking backlit keys that can be adjusted up to five times. If you want to record a new macro, this can be done with just a single touch of a button. The same can be said for switching profiles and accessing multimedia commands.

We particularly like the placement of the palm rest. The previous mechanical keyboards are lacking in this regard, so users will be forced to get a separate palm rest when needed.

Here’s something rather interesting about the Cougar 700K. It weighs a whopping 4.4 pounds, which is quite a lot for a keyboard. It even comes with two USB 2.0 ports, although, we’d prefer if the ports were USB 3.0 instead.

The Cougar 700K Aluminum Mechanical 32 Bit ARM Keyboard cost $129.99 via Amazon.

ELE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard is just as capable as the first two devices on our list, so what’s the difference? Well, it comes packed with a palm rest. For many, a palm rest is a deciding factor when purchasing a keyboard, and the ELE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is likely one for the road.

The device comes with 104 anti-ghosting keys, blue switches, tactile feedback, and a splash waterproof design. Keep in mind that splash waterproof is not full-blown waterproof, so don’t play around with the idea of bringing this keyboard in the shower.

Regarding whether or not the keys are backlit, well, they are. Couple that with the aluminum and plastic design of the overall product and one might believe this little beauty will break the bank. The good news is, such is not the case because it’s the most affordable mechanical keyboard on our list.

The ELE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is going for the cool price of $41.90 via Amazon.

Which one do you prefer?

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