Manage Edge browser Favorites with EdgeManage for Windows 10

Edge browser from Microsoft is just great but falls short at some places – like, it makes the task of saving favorites & bookmarks somewhat difficult. To overcome this shortcoming, some developers have come up with a useful application – EdgeManage. This application allows you to manage,┬áimport, export, sort, move and rename Microsoft Edge browser favorites from a single place and manipulate them with ease.

EdgeManage – Manage Edge favorites

EdgeManage is a stand-alone application for Windows 10 PC that can perform several functions like, import, export, sort, move and rename Edge favorites. To try this, first, download the program

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Close Microsoft Edge browser if you have it opened and functioning. Now, launch EdgeManage.

The application automatically begins loading all of your favorites from the Edge database into the application’s local cache. The opening screen should display ‘Manage Edge Favorites‘ window.

EdgeManage Manage Edge favorites

Under the window, you can find all your favorites listed in an alphabetical order. The order of favorites and folders is just the same as it appears in Edge.

Here, you perform the “drag and drop” action on the items to add your folders and favorites. You can also access the application’s menus to insert, rename, edit, delete, etc.

File Menu

The File Menu of EdgeManage has following options:

EdgeManage File menu

  1. Reload from Edge – Abandons changes introduced to the local cache and reloads the favorites from the Edge browser
  2. Load from Remote Sync Data file – Loads the data from an XML-based text file that is used by the EdgeSync application.
  3. Save Changes – Saves the changes made recently to the Edge database.

Data Menu

Second in the list is Data Menu. It supports import function from HTML file, Internet Explorer, Export function to HTML file, and Export to Internet Explorer.

Edit menu

This menu houses Add New option which enables a user to manually insert either a folder or a favorite immediately below the item that is currently selected. thereafter, we have Rename – as the name suggests, it permits you to rename either a folder or a favorite.

EdgeManage Edit menu

Finally, there’s Edit URL (allow you to change the URL for the selected favorite), Create Desktop Shortcut (create an Internet shortcut on the desktop for the selected favorite) and Delete option too for quickly deleting a favorite.

In addition to these menu items described in brief above, you can also use “right-click” context menu to get access to the same features.

The changes you made will not reflect unless you have them saved. To do so, click File menu and hit the ‘Save Changes‘ button.

To see the changes you have made work, exit EdgeManage and launch it again. It should be visible to you.

If you are an Edge user, you might want to check it out.

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  1. Ziggy

    I’ve been looking for this type of program for a while. Thanks so very much – now I can tame that beast called Microsoft Edge! On first run it took a little while to save changes (I have a ton of bookmarks) but it worked flawlessly. Thanks Windows Club for bringing it to your reader’s attention, and, to the developer of the program – a million thank you’s!

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