How to import Favorites and Bookmarks into Edge from other browsers

This tutorial will show you how  you can import your favorites and bookmarks from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or any browser into Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge is the new browser which ships with Windows 10 and is meant to replace Internet Explorer. This web browser boasts of several new features and uses an entirely new rendering engine called EdgeHTML. It offers a safe, secure and fast browsing experience. The browser also offers support for syncing of bookmarks, passwords, history and tabs.

In Internet Explorer and Edge browser saved web links are called “Favorites”. In Firefox or Chrome, they’re called “Bookmarks” – but basically, they mean the same thing.

Import Favorites and Bookmarks into Edge

Open Microsoft Edge browser and click on the 3-lined Hub link in the top-right corner. The following panel will open.

Import Bookmarks to Edge

Click on Import favorites and the panel which opens, will show you the list of web browsers you have installed on your Windows computer.

Select the browsers from where you wish to import your favorites or bookmarks and click on the Import button next.

Although I have installed Chrome and Firefox for testing purposes and bookmarked a few web pages, I could see only Chrome being offered as an option, apart from Internet Explorer.

Import Favorites to Edge

You will see an Importing… message, and then an All done message once the importing of bookmarks and favorites is completed.


You will now be able to see that favorites have been imported into Edge browser.

Should you wish, you can create new folders here, rename Favorites or remove them, by right-clicking on any Favorites folder.

If you have saved your Favorites as an HTML file, then you will have to first import it to Internet Explorer, and then import them from Internet Explorer to Edge, as Edge browser does not support importing bookmarks from an HTML file directly, as of now.

You can now also export Edge favorites as HTML file.

ManageEdge lets you import, export, sort, move and rename Microsoft Edge browser favorites & bookmarks a breeze on your Windows 10 PC.

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