How to import Favorites and Bookmarks into Edge from other browsers

This tutorial will show you how  you can import your favorites and bookmarks from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or any browser into Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge is the new browser which ships with Windows 10 and is meant to replace Internet Explorer. This web browser boasts of several new features and uses an entirely new rendering engine called EdgeHTML. It offers a safe, secure and fast browsing experience. The browser also offers support for syncing of bookmarks, passwords, history and tabs.

In Internet Explorer and Edge browser saved web links are called “Favorites”. In Firefox or Chrome, they’re called “Bookmarks” – but basically, they mean the same thing.

Import Favorites and Bookmarks into Edge

Open Microsoft Edge browser and click on the 3-lined Hub link in the top-right corner. The following panel will open.

Import Bookmarks to Edge

Click on Import favorites and the panel which opens, will show you the list of web browsers you have installed on your Windows computer.

Select the browsers from where you wish to import your favorites or bookmarks and click on the Import button next.

Although I have installed Chrome and Firefox for testing purposes and bookmarked a few web pages, I could see only Chrome being offered as an option, apart from Internet Explorer.

Import Favorites to Edge

You will see an Importing… message, and then an All done message once the importing of bookmarks and favorites is completed.


You will now be able to see that favorites have been imported into Edge browser.

Should you wish, you can create new folders here, rename Favorites or remove them, by right-clicking on any Favorites folder.

If you have saved your Favorites as an HTML file, then you will have to first import it to Internet Explorer, and then import them from Internet Explorer to Edge, as Edge browser does not support importing bookmarks from an HTML file directly, as of now.

You can now also export Edge favorites as HTML file.

ManageEdge lets you import, export, sort, move and rename Microsoft Edge browser favorites & bookmarks a breeze on your Windows 10 PC.

Use Chrome or Firefox? Then see these:

More Edge browser tips and tricks here.

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  1. OsFollower1970

    Leaving Firefox out of the mix is a big mistake. We have thousands of customers on Firefox and they’re not going to be happy about all these hoops to jump through.

  2. Richard

    I agree. Microsoft want us to go over to edge but make it very difficult to import bookmarks from Firefox.

  3. Tiggercsb

    I tried to import my Firefox bookmarks but Firefox does not show in the list. I wanted to see how it would look on the Edge site. I have 13 main folders and each main has a dozen sub folders and each sub folder has folders plus I have 100s of websites that I have built up over the years. I am not starting over if I can’t export them, so i will still be using Firefox.

  4. Dave Parry

    I use Pale Moon and love the page(s). allows me to put thumbnail shortcuts into chosen widgets, making it really easy to access regularly used favorites (with the widgets actually being folders, the page looks somewhat like Windows 3.1 did). I was going to give Edge a try but no Firefox bookmark import (Pale Moon is an offshoot of Firefox) and nothing like means that there is a big chunk of Windows 10 I don’t have to learn.

  5. Chrome favourites doesnt show

  6. chris miraillet

    about favorites importatons : i have chrome and firefox installed and i only see internet explorer ! shame ! lol

  7. Brent

    Agreed! This was a giant pain in the arse to do. At least we only have to do it once. Until adblock is available to edge though, firefox and chrome are far superior.

  8. Jason Appah

    Google Chrome, Canary and firefox don’t show in the options. This is why I never used IE. Slow and no good features.

  9. Wazz Zappening

    Very unwise Edge,goodbye until I can import bookmarks from Firefox.

  10. Andrew Sands

    Import the html file to IE or Chrome then import to edge. 90sec, oh that was hard. Firefox is history

  11. IllBeYour Huckleberry

    I think that would require install and uninstall time for either of those applications to work around Microsoft lack of foresight. Assuming it was not intentional of course. I’m not sure its worth the effort really. Further I do not want to provide Microsoft my information, so why would I want to install Google chrome and providing the information to them as well? Also another guy clearly said Chrome did not show up for him above. Best I’ve got is to load the html, open all the link and resave them one by one to favorites and new folders. That is pathetic for the digital age.
    if you haven’t heard Facebook has applied for a patent regarding monitoring your online associations and penalizing you for them via your credit rating. How far off do you think it is before they also penalize you for the favorites you’ve made? People that visit bankruptcy sites more often are higher risk than people that do not, etc. etc. Someone who visits a site for a specific disorder gets a higher insurance premium. They are controlling, discriminating and targeting regardless of how you wish to view it. That is the entire reason your privacy is just as important to me as mine. Why someone’s lack of concern for their privacy is not simply bad for them but for everyone. We should not have to pay them more based on whom we choose to associate and we should not have to pay them more based on our interests. It is none of their business! Yet their business is play ball with them or be an outcast to modern society. aka Polarization!

  12. George Khifiani

    same things here

  13. Michael F

    It doesn’t offer Opera either, which isn’t surprising, but is quite disappointing. Opera stores everything the same way as Chrome/Chromium now, so all they would have to do is add the directory tree to the search.

  14. Mercedes Webb-Pullman

    I’m not going to use Edge because I never did use IE and I could only import from Chrome, not Firefox or Opera. Big FAIL for me.

  15. old_redneck

    That’s it — won’t use Edge — it won’t import my Firefox favorites/bookmarks. Sticking with Firefox as my default browser.

  16. Sherry Hodge

    Amen!! I downloaded the Shiny New Windows 10 and did not like it at all, could not get to start menu nor my desktop icons,chrome etc..,besides the issues still going on with it. I quickly reverted back to my good ole 8,1, but everytime I turn on my computer, it starts downloading Windows 10, and I have my settings set to not do automatic downloads or installations. Just too soon, let him work the bugs out first,lol.

  17. Ken

    ok I just did this successfully. open file explorer, click on your primary drive (C:) open windows.old , program files(x86), find and open Internet explorer, open IE with the application icon it will open up, at this point I had already saved my favourites from Firefox to a HTML file on my desktop, so went to it and imported into IE, once that was done I minimised IE and open Edge and imported favourites from IE. Hope this is of assistance

  18. DCNerd13

    I won’t go to Edge unless I can import firefox bookmarks EASILY

  19. Theo Richel

    Incredible, no import function for Firefox

  20. Glyn

    Just did it and i’m no windows expert.
    In explorer I went to the user directory and opened up my favorites (these are still there from old versions of windows).
    Click on any of the favorites and you will see it opens up in the old Internet explorer.
    Then open edge and it will give you an option to import your favorites.

  21. Keith Morgavi

    A lot easier than all those hoops. Install Chrome. Import bookmarks from Firefox. Then import to Edge from Chrome. Delete any unwanted browsers. Worked for me.

  22. All my favorites went from Chrome to Edge but in reverse order. The supposed fix was to move them from Chrome to IE and then to Edge. That does not work either. From Chrome into IE 11 they still were in reverse order. I guess I will be sticking with Chrome and Firefox!

  23. All my favorites went from Chrome to Edge but in reverse order. The supposed fix was to move them from Firefox/Chrome to IE and then to Edge. That does not work either. From Chrome into IE 11 they still were in reverse order. I guess I will be sticking with Chrome and Firefox!

  24. I wonder what happens when you import a second time from IE to Edge. Will it cause duplicates?

  25. Mrbill

    Went to edge favorite folder and deleted all links to start over, just did import from IE and nothing now in normal Edge fav folder. Did digging and found them now in the RoamingState folder as .json files. what is up.

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