How to Import or Export Edge browser Favorites to an HTML file

Microsoft has added the ability to Export and Import your Favorites in Edge browser in the HTML file format. This feature is currently available in Insider Builds, but will soon appear in the final builds of Windows 10. This feature will save you both, time and efforts, as you will now be easily able to export to or import from, favorites and bookmarks from any web browser.

Export Edge favorites as HTML file

UPDATE: Things keep changing with every version of Windows 10 – and things have changed in Windows 10 v1703!

In the recent version of Edge browser on Windows 10 v1703, to export Edge browser favorites, open Microsoft Edge web browser, and move the cursor to the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen and select More actions menu. Select Settings and click on Click on Import from another browser button, which appears under the Import favorites and other info setting.

import export favorites edge

A new Import your info panel will open. Here you will be able to Import data from IE, Chrome & Firefox. You will also be able to Import file from or to Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox or Export your Edge data as an HTML file.

The procedure in earlier versions of Windows 10, prior to Creators Update is as follows.

Open Microsoft Edge web browser, and move the cursor to the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen and select More actions menu.

From the list displayed, select Settings and then choose ‘View Favorites Settings‘ under ‘Favorites’.

Export Edge favorites as HTML file

Under ‘Favorite Settings’ you will see options like showing or not showing the favorites bar, importing favorites from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome – as also the feature to import or export a file.

You will see two buttons:

  • Import from file
  • Export to file.


Select ‘Export to file‘ option here to export favorites to an HTML file. When ‘Save As’ dialog appears on your screen, select a location, give a new name to the file and hit ‘Save’.

Now if you need to import these favorites on another computer maybe, you will have to use the Import from file button.

Thus, a user no more needs to manually look for all his favorites. All he has to do is use import or export an HTML file into a browser, and get all his bookmarks restored. This functionality is especially useful in case you’re changing a browser, computer, or User Account.


You might want to take a look at freeware EdgeManage too. It can perform several functions like import, export, sort, move and rename Edge favorites.

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