Change Edge browser settings in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge browser is shipped as the default browser for Windows 10 and comes tightly integrated with Cortana – Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant service and Bing search service. These services are specifically designed to keep a track of user’s actions on the browser in order to gather more information and help them in easy travels across the Web. Today’s post talks of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, the Settings offered and how can tweak & personalize the browser to suit your browsing experience.

Edge browser settings

The Settings section of the browser lets you tweak browser settings to meet your particular needs. Edge browser now supports a home button, and lets you import favorites from another browser, like Internet Explorer. You can also show or hide the favorites bar, as well as toggle the display of the home button.

Apart from the 3 dots Settings button, the following buttons are visible on the UI:

  1. Reading view
  2. Add to Favorites or Reading List
  3. Hub
  4. Make a web note
  5. Feedback button.

To open Edge Settings, click on the 3 dots button.


Under Settings you can:

  1. Toggle the Show favorite bar or not option
  2. Set Edge to start with a New tab page, My previous tabs or A web page. To set it to open a blank page, select A web page > Custom and mention about:blank.
  3. You can open new tabs with Top sites and suggested content, Top sites or A blank page.
  4. Set your search engine to Bing, Google or any one of your choice.
  5. Clear browsing history. It now even lets you delete Media licenses, Pop-up exceptions, Location permissions, Full screen & Compatibility permissions apart from the usual Cache, Cookies, etc data.
  6. Set your Reading style to Default, Light, Medium or Dark, along with the Reading font size.

Clicking on Advanced Settings towards the end of the Settings screen will open up more options.


Under Advanced Settings section you can add a Home button, enable or disable Adobe Flash player and turn on Caret Browsing. The browser even protects you from malicious sites and downloads if you have the Smart Screen filter option enabled. The feature is enabled by default. Page Prediction another addition helps in predicting the contents of the webpages as they load. Under Manage my saved passwords section, you can add, edit or remove the credentials from within the manager.

Here you can:

  1. You can enable or disable Flash Player
  2. Opt to use Caret browsing
  3. Set Privacy options
  4. Manage Saved passwords
  5. Opt to save form entries
  6. Choose to block pop-ups and Cookies
  7. Manage protected media licenses
  8. Send Do Not Track requests
  9. use Page prediction
  10. Enable or disable SmartScreen Flter
  11. On or Off Cortana integration.

Read: Privacy settings in Edge browser.

There’s also an additional option to help you avoid an accidental closure of work in progress. I bet, this may have happened to most of you at some point or another. While you may not be able to launch more than one instance of Edge via the taskbar, you can launch a new instance within the Edge browser. All a user has to do is simply hit the Settings button and select “New window.” This will open up a new instance of the browser.

This post tells you how to Cast Media to Device in Edge browser.

If your Edge is giving you problems, you may try and reset Microsoft Edge browser to default settings.

Now take a look at these Edge browser tips and tricks.

Enjoy Edge!

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Mulliano

    Thanks, Anand… As you did deeper into Edge, I’m glad to see that you are sharing your experiences.Although I have been quite skeptical about it, you are making a good case to take a serious look at this browser. I believe that everyone that reads these posts (including me) really appreciates that. Thanks.

  2. You are welcome, Mulliano. 🙂

  3. Bobby Phoenix

    I don’t see any Home button. Is there not one? I use that a lot. I set speed dials to my home page, and can’t live without it.

  4. Gabriel

    When I get to the search engine settings, I have no options and none of the buttons are clickable..! Is there a way to get it to work?

  5. Yes, I too have noticed that. It should be fixed definitely by the time the final version is released.

  6. Terry Grapes

    I’ve just updated to Windows 10 and am examining Microsoft Edge. When opening a new tab I can find no setting that allows the jumping to the new tab upon opening.
    This setting is available in both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
    Is there a fix? Or am I mistaken and was I too ignorant to find the option in the advanced settings window?

  7. You are right, there does not seem to be any such setting in Edge.

  8. ShaneMcGrath

    Is there any way to open a new tab in edge browser to my home page which would be google search page? All it has is top sites, top sites news and blank page

  9. ShaneMcGrath

    Cheers for that, I already tried the custom one but nothing seems to happen.

  10. Robert Moniz

    So what happens if the default page gets hijacked and you can’t do anything because a pop-up wanting you to call a 1-800 number to fix this error prevents you from doing anything in Microsoft Edge like it did on my mothers computer. It like the old homepage hijack that came out a few years back where as soon as you open Microsoft Edge up it goes to the same site and the only thing you can do is end task. Are we going forward in technology or back?

  11. Randy

    So, I’ve updated to Windows 10 Pro (twice now since I didn’t do the clean install properly the first time) and really enjoy using the Edge browser. It is super fast and like the design. However, I think there still needs to be a few tweaks made to really set it as a competitor to Chrome and Safari. For the bookmark import from an html file feature should definitely be there and not force you download another browser and then import from the other browser. Also, being able to manage the order of the bookmarks would be nice in the manager. Right now important from another browser reverses the order and I have to manually move the around one by one. Of course a few other things, but this is a great step to changing the mentality at Microsoft and really designing a browser that people will like and start using.

  12. George Phelps

    I do crosswords that require Java. Do I need to adjust Edge browser to make it work. had no problems on the old browser.

  13. John Coffelt

    good advice if I could get to the 3 buttons, but the hi jacker will not allow that, so is there a another way to reset the browser to default?

  14. John Coffelt

    the only thing that I can come up with is to make another profile move personal data over and then delete first profile and hope the hi jacker doesn’t follow the profile move

  15. Are you sure your Edge has been hijacked? Edge is after all a protected Windows Store app and this therefore seems unlikely.

  16. Kevin

    I select the custom setting. Put google as the home page. Press the home button and it goes where it wants to. How can I set the home button to google?

  17. michael

    I am a big fan of ms, and I am trying to like edge but it’s very difficult. Basically this browser stinks right now. In Firefox I can have many tabs open and easily set the pages to open when I open the browser. I have about 8 tabs open with Firefox. With Edge I have to enter the pages one at a time and that’s irritating. Also I can’t import my hundreds of bookmarks from Firefox. I imported them into ie but edge has a problem importing from ie. Also with Firefox I can easily add notes to my bookmark like password hints (before I had Lastpass and other login or whatever information. Not so with Edge. No where to put anything easily. The notes thing stinks too. Too many steps. Can’t pull down in one step to make a quick bookmark either. Just copy Firefox and people will love this. Finally I can’t use LastPass with Edge – what a disappointment from you guys!

  18. Harry Francis

    No matter where I look on the web, no one seems to solve the problem of SAVING settings in the edge browser. Everybody is quite happy to tell us how to change them but no one is telling us how to SAVE them!!??

  19. Jean-David

    I’ve got the same problem, and it is this problem that made me visit this page.
    What I try to do is to get rid of the start page, and have a home page instead on google advanced search, but no way to have such settings becoming permanent. The start page, with its disturbing news keeps coming back at next start. Very annoying.
    I don’t know how to save and if there is really a way to save at all the settings I want.

  20. Harry Francis

    To save a different opening page, go to custom settings and add your chosen url. You’ll find a plus sign to the right, click this and Edge will open with your chosen page Unfortunately if you click the home button within Edge it’ll default to the start page? Yet to be fixed. But if you choose your own url in the custom setting it’ll always open with that page. Hope this helps.

  21. Imagine

    Just installed Windows 10. Imported favorites from IE to Edge. Is there no way to change the size of the favorites column when I bring it up on the screen? It is too large to keep open all the time as I did in IE. I also have tried to pin it but every time I open Edge I have to use the favorites button to open it again.

  22. Imagine

    Is there no way to reduce the size of the favorites listing when pinned? IE allowed you to make it smaller or larger as needed. I cant seem to change the size of it at all in Edge.

  23. Imagine

    How can I add a print icon to the toolbar in Edge? Seems ridiculous that there is no way to do it.

  24. shashank chauhan

    I want to know where the password and form data are stored in the system.

  25. Shannon Oswald

    Help, I’m stuck in Edge Hell!

    How can I force the Edge browser to abide by my Win10 Internet Options settings? I have explicitly blocked all pop-ups, yet I still have pop-ups. I have set my browser startup to my homepage and yet it still starts ALL of the pages that were open when I force kill the browser. I have added a site to the block list, but that site continues to open and continues to initiate pop-ups that hijack Edge.

    Here is the scenario, I fell for click-bait, then a web page opens and begins playing an audio file, (no real issue so far) then I decided I wasn’t interested because it became obvious that it was a high pressure sales site. I clicked “X” to close the window and suddenly my desktop is greyed out (like UAC does) and all screen controls cease to function except the two buttons a popup has placed before me entreating me to reconsider my brash actions. (complete crap and harassment at this point) – similar to the zippy-mart locking the doors and begging me to buy the RedBull I considered because they are 2 for $4, that happens to you, right? oh, well me neither.

    Anyway, I Ctrl-Alt-Del to Task Manager and then “end task” Edge because none of the other keyboard shortcuts work (Alt-F4 for example) Now I relaunch Edge and guess what page opens before I can get to the “X”, yup repeat cycle… In fact, now that I think about it, I can’t use Edge anymore because that page is still waiting for me. I have no way to break the cycle. When I asked Cortana how to access Edge settings, she said launch Edge. Goto the Hijack page again, no thanks.

    I am so unhappy right now. I am yet again reminded why I use Google Chrome as my main browser… because MS web browsers don’t appear to favor the user, rather the scammer gets his way with my PC time and time again – against my intentions and security settings. I experienced similar problems with IE. Lest Microsoft think I’m picking on them, just last night my wife’s Apple Macbook Pro using Safari was hijacked in a similar fashion.

    So, whats the magic bullet that Microsoft has provided that I’m obviously unaware of?

  26. Shannon Oswald

    I am also now suffering with the same Hijack… see above. anyway, I don’t need Edge that bad I guess. Too bad really, I thought MS has finally done a good turn when they “built from the ground up” this Edge browser but it seems they let the same back doors be installed at the factory.

    **Update** I beat my hijack (avoid simplebloodsugarfix com for starters) by editing the hosts file and adding an entry that redirects the dns call for simplebloodsugarfix com to I can now use Edge again. For your average web browsing, stick to a mature browser like Firefox or Chrome. Edge is still an infant and can be unpredictable.

  27. Shannon Oswald

    Wish I could send you a screenshot… I can’t do anything but end task – or click one of the hijackers buttons…

  28. Shannon Oswald

    Right? Same problem here.

  29. Run a scan with a browser hijacker remover like AdwCleaner . Also run a full-scan with your antivirus software. I do not think this is the fault of Edge, as this could have happened with any browser, since this was a user-initiated action. 🙂

  30. Shannon Oswald

    Ok… I’ll try the Adwcleaner option.. I was hoping for a “under the hood” method to close problem Edge windows forcibly.

    **Update** Nothing found in scan, the problem is weak browser protection from an overly pushy exit pop-up. No, I did not have block pop-ups turned on. Didn’t realize Edge ignored the system Internet Options (where pop-ups were blocked).

  31. Shannon Oswald

    Hi, so I followed your advice and tried ADWcleaner, with Edge in full hijack and it found nothing. I ran it a second time after “End Tasking” Edge and it still found nothing of note, just a Google Chrome extension with a random string of numbers that was removed for some reason. I gave the problem more thought and decided the hijack didn’t happen until the offending website was contacted. So I edited the hosts file on my machine and “redirected” the offending site (simplebloodsugarfix com) to and poof. No more Edge problem. I opened Edge and it attempted to contact the website, got nothing and that was that. I then successfully edited my homepage setting, and it worked. Edge opens now and shows only my selected homepage. I also discovered that Edge ignores the internet settings in Windows 10. It only follows it’s internal settings and advanced settings. That’s irritating.
    So thank you for your assistance and I hope someone else reads this and finds out how to recover from an overly imposing sales website. You might ask why I didn’t just click the “Leave the site” button. Well, I’ve read too many reports that say when you click ANY button on these type of hijack popups, you are allowing the installation of ?software?. So, I don’t negotiate with hijackers.

    By the way, I still don’t appreciate the “could have happened with any browser” argument. I don’t understand why MY web browser has to give any web site total control over my browser and PC. I thought Microsoft finally understood their users desire for a safe and predictable experience while surfing the Information Superhighway. Am I wrong in feeling that the simple action of closing a web browser window should result in the window and content disappearing. Instead an unexpected action occurred where the pushy site thrust it’s hand/foot in the window and demanded I answer just one more question. I know, browsers have been interacting with sites and announcing our actions for years, at least in the beginning, exit pop-ups didn’t lock down your desktop controls.

  32. Shannon Oswald

    Update, I discovered Edge does not care what you have in your Windows 10 Internet Options settings. It only cares about it’s own internal settings and Block Pop-Ups is turned off by default.

  33. Shannon Oswald

    still not fixed. It’s Bing for now…

  34. Shannon Oswald

    a previous user stated, make a new profile, migrate your stuff and delete the old profile (user). Edge will have a new outlook, just be sure to set the security settings per Anand’s suggestions and avoid the action that got you hijacked the first time.

  35. Emmanuel aduroja

    JUST make the change within internet explorer and that auto propagates to EDGE

  36. Shannon Oswald

    The auto propagate must take a very long time…

  37. Emmanuel aduroja

    Restart both browsers after making the certificate changes on IE.

  38. K Waters

    IE had an option under Tools–>Internet Options–>General: Settings–> Check for newer versions of stored pages: Every time I visit the webpage
    I have checked the Settings–>View Advanced Settings in Edge and was unable to find a similar setting.

  39. Phil Carlyle

    I would like to know how in the heck EDGE is faster than any other browser. Since having to use it I find it inept at best. Everything is slow to refresh, and MSN does nothing but send video advertisements every second or so, resulting in huge delays.

  40. Gregory

    “You can open new tabs with Top sites and suggested content, Top sites or A blank page.” Yes, but the next time you open Edge, it will be right back to suggesting crap rather than showing a blank page. And why not just have a setting that opens to your home page? Duh.

  41. Could anyone tell me where edge keeps it settings ? For example if i want to keep the, in case of reinstalig Windows.

    I know it’s under settings, sync. But if there is other way ? In files / dirs ?



  42. GillesC

    You have a simpler approach. Open Edge when you press Alt and Shift Key together. It will open with default page

  43. Shannon Oswald

    Thanks for your reply… I ended up putting the offending site in my Hosts file and pointing it at null… but I like your method better, easier and with less mess.

  44. JK

    Still can’t edit bookmarks, drag and drop links to new tabs, or set Google to your search engine. It’s missing any sort of about or flags page to really configure it… this is more like a mobile browser for desktop. Useless.

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