Change Edge browser settings in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge browser is shipped as the default browser for Windows 10 and comes tightly integrated with Cortana – Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant service and Bing search service. These services are specifically designed to keep a track of user’s actions on the browser in order to gather more information and help them in easy travels across the Web. Today’s post talks of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, the Settings offered and how can tweak & personalize the browser to suit your browsing experience.

Edge browser settings

The Settings section of the browser lets you tweak browser settings to meet your particular needs. Edge browser now supports a home button, and lets you import favorites from another browser, like Internet Explorer. You can also show or hide the favorites bar, as well as toggle the display of the home button.

Apart from the 3 dots Settings button, the following buttons are visible on the UI:

  1. Reading view
  2. Add to Favorites or Reading List
  3. Hub
  4. Make a web note
  5. Feedback button.

To open Edge Settings, click on the 3 dots button.


Under Settings you can:

  1. Toggle the Show favorite bar or not option
  2. Set Edge to start with a New tab page, My previous tabs or A web page. To set it to open a blank page, select A web page > Custom and mention about:blank.
  3. You can open new tabs with Top sites and suggested content, Top sites or A blank page.
  4. Set your search engine to Bing, Google or any one of your choice.
  5. Clear browsing history. It now even lets you delete Media licenses, Pop-up exceptions, Location permissions, Full screen & Compatibility permissions apart from the usual Cache, Cookies, etc data.
  6. Set your Reading style to Default, Light, Medium or Dark, along with the Reading font size.

Clicking on Advanced Settings towards the end of the Settings screen will open up more options.


Under Advanced Settings section you can add a Home button, enable or disable Adobe Flash player and turn on Caret Browsing. The browser even protects you from malicious sites and downloads if you have the Smart Screen filter option enabled. The feature is enabled by default. Page Prediction another addition helps in predicting the contents of the webpages as they load. Under Manage my saved passwords section, you can add, edit or remove the credentials from within the manager.

Here you can:

  1. You can enable or disable Flash Player
  2. Opt to use Caret browsing
  3. Set Privacy options
  4. Manage Saved passwords
  5. Opt to save form entries
  6. Choose to block pop-ups and Cookies
  7. Manage protected media licenses
  8. Send Do Not Track requests
  9. use Page prediction
  10. Enable or disable SmartScreen Flter
  11. On or Off Cortana integration.

Read: Privacy settings in Edge browser.

There’s also an additional option to help you avoid an accidental closure of work in progress. I bet, this may have happened to most of you at some point or another. While you may not be able to launch more than one instance of Edge via the taskbar, you can launch a new instance within the Edge browser. All a user has to do is simply hit the Settings button and select “New window.” This will open up a new instance of the browser.

This post tells you how to Cast Media to Device in Edge browser.

If your Edge is giving you problems, you may try and reset Microsoft Edge browser to default settings.

Now take a look at these Edge browser tips and tricks.

Enjoy Edge!

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