Enable and Manage Passwords & Form-fill in Edge browser on Windows 10


  1. Might’ve been nicer and easier for all those looking for the slightly related topic of “What IS my password?” to tell us that the proper password manager is held somewhere entirely different with many ways to get to it!

    For example, you could type “Credential Manager” in the Omnibox by the start menu (easiest option); You could open ControlPanel / User Accounts & hit Web Credentials; You could use Google/Bing or any other website to find out. BUT, WHAT YOU CAN’T DO (That you may REALLY want to do) IS: You can’t click a simple link that would open it for you from the “Internet Settings” Harumpth, Harumpth! You do need to supply your PC login password before seeing the passwords, but I guess that’s only fair!

  2. Chrome is so much easier, faster and intuitive. I feel like I am trying to work with a dinosaur with edge. Come on Gates, get it together!

  3. Thank you for posting this information. I have been clicking and in clicking the same 2 buttons to get edge to save my passwords and fill out forms, over and over. Good to know they are just worthless buttons that do nothing. I was about to buy a new computer. Back to Chrome!

  4. Windows 10 forces updates upon us. Edge is supposedly designed to exploit 10’s efficiencies. How about making Form Fill actually work with one of those updates? And while you’re at it provide a tool to manage the form fill data. If WIN 10 is supposed to be so slick why then after over year of general release is it still so lame in regard to this user convenience? What are you telling us users?

  5. Yep, I’m back on Chrome too. I also started having difficulty typing text into responses like this one when using Edge. When I went to Chrome and typed on the same exact reply I had no problems. Immediately changed my default browser to Chrome again. I may try Edge again in a couple of years.

  6. Just curious how you edit the form filler in Microsoft edge. I want to delete two of the options that pop up when I click in an empty field. It’s simply a delete in other browsers.

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