Manage, edit and view saved passwords in Chrome browser on Windows PC

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  1. Spring trap

    I don’t know my password

  2. Stephani Newton

    All of these instructions are geared for a COMPUTER! I don’t have or have access to a computer! So, HOW do you find your saved passwords on your ANDROID MOBILE PHONE????? Could SOMEONE PLEASE help me???!!!???

  3. Lois Henry

    I do not know password for my gmail account, can you help

  4. Dawnrose D'Aloia

    Chrome does NOT have the “Show” feature. WTF!!!

  5. Ian Turnbull

    where does Chrome save these url & password data? i cannot boot into win 7 but have cmd window and can list / copy files. Can you help with which file i would need?

  6. Nischal Bohara

    net user username newpassword

  7. Nischal Bohara

    who said you that

  8. fish1552

    I’m just trying to figure out why they decided to make you enter your Windows password when you set up a master password to start with to protect those passwords. And admittedly, I use a pin for my laptop log-in and have not one clue what my Windows password is.

  9. shivendra

    in WPF application how to retrieve saved password from chrome/firefox/Internet Explorer. mail me at

  10. Dawood Ahmad

    go to “”. Same process works for mobile devices.

  11. Azzurri

    it wont show me link is missing in my manage passwords form???

  12. Azzurri

    the show me link is missing in my manage password box? why?

  13. Mitesh Take


  14. Shannon Ferguson

    Thank you! I couldn’t figure out how to get Chrome to ask me to save passwords.

  15. Sarah Borchert

    if you want your passwords to always be available with one click, try this browser extension:

  16. Scotster

    I just installed Windows 10 and now my system password is being rejected by chrome. I can’t see the passwords for the sites!!!

  17. ciwood

    How do i get google to ask me again if I clicked Never for google mail? The URL is NOT in the never saved list.

    When Chrome offered to save a password, if you clicked Never for this site, your password will not be saved and the site will be added to a list of passwords that are never saved. You can also remove any URLs you have saved in the Never saved list

  18. Maxwell Herrick

    What if I accidentally clicked “Never” in the “Save Password” dialogue box, and I want it to save my password now?

  19. Al Padilla

    I’m using Chrome in W1064 and was able to navigate to the “manage passwords” section. However, it won’t let me edit the passwords! I recently changed a couple, but it continues to default to the original. Do I need to delete the original and then have it save passwords anew?

  20. SometimesAGreatMartian

    On SHOW Password (for sites) —Why is it asking for the password for “Windows” ????? WTF?????

  21. Pawel Ranewski


  22. Eddy

    otherwise, anyone can sit at your pc & be like “yeah show me this person’s facebook or gmail password”

  23. Peter Flynn


  24. Janet Barnes

    I apparently hit “Never save” on a website, because I can’t get the save password function to pop up again. However, the website is not listed on my never save list. How can I save the password for this website?

  25. Janet Barnes

    I might have hit “Never save” accidently on a website, because I can’t get the save password function to pop up again. However, the website is not listed on my never save list. How can I save the password for this website?

  26. Leslie

    Same problem with me!

  27. Molly bravo

    can someone help me with my big prob?

    actually whenever i open my google chrome it asks me to sign in, WHY!!!!!!!!?????? WTF!!!

  28. Chad D Lewis

    I forgot apple id

  29. Joe Casci

    google chrome won’t recognize my password when I try to make my saved passwords visible. Yes I’m using the correct password for my account. Anyone have an answer for this one?

  30. 1234

    I have the same question. Someone, please?

  31. gert

    I dont let people use my OS or chrome acct.

  32. riverhorse

    I have your answer. I don’t know whose fault it is, as i just installed both Windows Creator Update and the latest Chrome upgrade.
    You didn’t provide much info.
    1. IF you are logging in to your computer thru MS(live/outlook) account RATHER THAN A LOCAL PC/OS ACCOUNT- , and at the instant you look up the Chrome passwords, you are offline & your original password has been updated, then you would need to remember and utilize the previous one(never forget it or you’re screwed whenever offline). ALTHOUGH…
    2. MOST LIKELY SCENARIO- type in USERNAME in identical fashion as what format Windows Explorer uses for you in USERS directory…plus whatever your online MS account password(original or present one as per #1).
    That Chrome dialog box, when you click “more options” will prepopulate user field with both your MS account email address and your MS account user name(usually in first name / last name format- this latter is what is prepopulated by Windows whenever you log in to the computer)…NEITHER OF THESE WORK ANYMORE(in Chrome, but other Chromium browsers still are ok)–ONLY your windows user directory name.

    To avoid this + related problems(MS periodically expires password/prompts for new one) and/or decouple MS login Press Windows Key + I(letter i) simultaneously to get into Settings/Accounts/Sign In With a Local Account Instead…and create one.

    FYI TO ALL: this convolution does NOT mean your passwords are protected or encrypted, it’s only BASIC protection in case someone gains quick access to your device AND is a tech noob. There are many ways / progs to easily grab all your pw’s WITHOUT needing any password. And all it takes is a minute or two of access. What would take longer is the actual computer/windows password– but someone who knows what they’re doing would not be stopped with a little more time to play with…but they may not even need to: as we’ve already given Google our Windows PW!

  33. riverhorse

    Without even getting into trojans, it only takes a minute of access, no password needed.

  34. Richard Fox

    Invest a little in your security I also never knew my passwords were not safe. Only when I bought avast pro (no this isn’t a spam comment or nor am I associated with avast in any way shape or form. I am just trying to help) and it gave me a pop saying “432 passwords are not secure and could be vulnerable to hackers” It gave me the option “do you want avast to store your passwords”. I was a bit dubious at first as I hate handing control over to any app per say. But Avast isn’t the new kid on the block and millions use it so I enabled store passwords.Hey presto! “all your passwords are now secure”. Also whenever you go on a new site and enter a new password two boxes will pop up 1 from google (click the never save passwords) the other will be avast save passwords info click it save and job done. I have even become braver and used the pop up encryption service avast gives when you start a new password configuration for any new site. It generates a random 14 digit algorythm I don’t even know what it is but same process . you will see it populate your password box.when it does just close the encryption box and the avast save passwords pop up engages. Again just press save and that is it job done. Now no password info is visible to anyone and is stored deep within avast somewhere in the universe :). If I remember I payed £19.99 for avast pro and whilst you might fuss and fit I can’t afford it. Really you can’t afford not to have it if you want peace of mind. Free avast is cool for your general day to day protection but if passwords is your big worry then you need to toughen up your security. Especially in todays hackfest world. I have always since the net first came to be a freeloader for security or never bothered. Soon changes your mind when you get browser hi-jackers and troans. Now I use avastpro for anti-virus. Malwarebytes premium for everything ever invented to try and make you vulnerable (it stops it DEAD) fantastic bit of kit. and winutilities pro(1 time life payment) to look after all my pc settings so I am running at the optimum performace. Your choice hope it helps in some way or at least gives you an option to be in control and keep would be snoopers out. 🙂

  35. rossox

    This is a good solution if it didn’t also need your Windows password too which I haven’t got!

  36. Jonathan F Vernon

    Using an IMac and little of this tallies – the screengrabs for a start, the instructions come up with totally different screens and options

  37. naveen

    thanks so much

  38. Nitin

    I just remove all my password history from Chrome Password form. Is there any way to recover ?

  39. Onny Avis

    Donny Davis

  40. Onny Avis

    Forgot my email password

  41. Dunja Juricevic

    This is wot I need

  42. Brenda Gonzales

    I I need to see if I can get my email password



  44. Mikkel Rask

    I’ll consider helping you, when you stop YELLING AT PEOPLE.

  45. Eduardo Mena


  46. Hamid Hameed

    On the Same Page there is option “Never Saved”
    Just remove the website you want to save the password on next attempt.

  47. godsgirl1997

    How do you recover deleted passwords?

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