Macrorit Disk Scanner: Scan Hard Disk for Bad Sectors & Errors

What do you do when your Windows computer system starts showing error messages frequently? Where do you first look for the problem? Let me tell you, Windows disk scanner is the place to start from. Scanning your hard drive can help detecting and even correcting the most common hard drive errors.

Although, Windows computer systems come with a built-in disk error checking scanner, that offers a lot of command line options to scan the hard drive for Errors and Bad Sectors, I always prefer using a third-party tool for that. What I believe is that a third-party tool may provide you with better options and features.

Scan Hard Disk for Bad Sectors

Macrorit Disk Scanner
Then again I would like to mention here that if you are using Windows 8 on your system, you might not need any third-party tool because Disk Error Checking in Windows 8 is much different. In Windows 8, the disk is periodically checked for file system errors, bad sectors, lost clusters, etc., and you are informed if there is any potential error in the system. It is much faster and less intrusive as compared to that in the earlier versions of Windows.

Well coming back to Macrorit Disk Scanner, it is a very reliable and helpful tool to scan the ‘bad sectors’ of a system. The hard disk in our system has some “Bad Sectors” which are actually the cluster of data that cannot be read. These ‘bad sectors’ bring up various functionality errors and slows down the system speed significantly. It also shows the blue screen errors sometimes.

There are various disk scanning tools available on the web but I want to tell you about a simple tool Macrorit Disk Scanner. It is free and very easy-to-use third-party hard drive scanner for Windows PC. It is very handy as you can scan the whole disk or a partition. You can further speed up the scan by limiting the scan area. It runs faster than Windows native disk scanner. It marks the damage by red mark and highlights the healthy sectors by green color.

The program displays the complete statistics on the top panel which includes device selected, speed of scan, number of errors found, scan area, elapsed time and estimated time remaining to complete the scan. This ways you know that how many errors have been found and how much time will the program take to scan your device completely. It also saves the scan log in your system so you can access it anytime. Macrorit is a handy and powerful error diagnosing tool but unfortunately, it can’t fix any bad sectors.

The scan may however slow down your computer systems speed significantly. On the other hand, closing all running applications may speed up the scan.

Macrorit Disk Scanner free download

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a flexible error diagnostic tool for your Windows computer system, Macroritis worth giving a try. You can download it here. Do remember to select Local Download, else you may end up at the CNET site and get straddled with crapware along with this freeware. You may also want to check out Macrorit Disk Partition Expert from this developer.

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