IconRestorer: Save, Restore, Manage Your Desktop Icon Positions

If you are an application or a web developer or simply an untidy person, who has just too many icons on your messy desktop, this is one freeware you might want to check out. A study tells us that a person spends a significant amount of time searching icons ondesktop. Imagine if you had a desktop completely flooded with Icons of programs, folders and files – now searching Icons every now and then reduces productivity.

IconRestorer review

I’ve found a solution to the situation here. An application called as IconRestorer is specially designed to overcome this problem of arranging man desktop icons, in one standard layout, with a single click. Imagine searching for a file or a shortcut in the desktop shown below!

IconRestorer is a simple application that lets you to set desktop icons at places you want. So irrespective of other people using your PC and shifting your desktop icons from one place to another, you will be able to  get back to your original layout, by just clicking a button. Simple as that!

IconRestorer does two things, basically:

  • Saving desktop layout
  • Restoring last saved layout

Setting Layout

Once you have set the desktop layout, the way you want it, click the button saying “Save Current Desktop Layout” and this will save the location of desktop icons and makes it a standard one. You can always change the location of files and folders; there is no restriction on that.

Restoring last saved layout

Click the “Restoring last saved layout” button to get back your preferred structure right away.  Things don’t end here, there are options available under “Option1” and “Option2” tab that can be configured to get a better user experience.

If you have “Desktop-auto-rearrange” option enabled then this application is not likely to give proper results. So you need to disable Desktop-auto-rearrange by right-clicking the mouse and then navigating to View and then un-checking Auto arrange icons.

If this looks interesting to you can head over to the IconRestorer home page here.

You might want to also check out My Cool Desktop which lets you instantly auto-arrange desktop icons in cool shapes easily and DesktopOK.

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  1. I have been using this program for a couple of years now. Works like a charm. I have it on all the computers.

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