Lock, Save and restore desktop icons position layout in Windows with DesktopOK

Fed up with changes in the arrangement of your desktop icons, after every change in screen resolutions? The solution to this frustrating problem is DesktopOK. DesktopOK is a free desktop icon layout saver software that lets you save, restore, lock desktop icons position and layout. It can record icon positions and some other desktop arrangements. This tiny utility is very useful for those who frequently change the computer screen resolution.

Save & restore desktop icons position layout

Lock desktop icons

To save an icon arrangement, you can simply click on ‘Save Icon’s Layout’ under the DesktopOK menu, and you could see an entry named as your PC‘s screen resolution would appear in the list box. No worries you can edit the names without any problems. I prefer renaming the arrangements as per the monitors. For example, I rename it to Dell, from which I come to understand that it is my PC monitor’s arrangement. I renamed the other to the Sony Bravia, from which I can come to know that this arrangement is for my TV. You can store different arrangements for same devices too by simply adding 1, 2, 3 and so on.

If you want to email the arrangement to someone or if you simply want to export it from the program, then you can also easily do that by saving the arrangement in ‘.dok’ format. The ‘.dok’ files can be exported and imported by DesktopOK only. You can even register this extension for DesktopOK, but for this, you will need to grand Administrator Privileges to the software.

Lock desktop icons

You can even choose an arrangement to be loaded at Windows Startup so that you can have desired icon positions at startup. There are a bunch of other options available in the software that lets you edit general desktop options like Cursor Hiding, Mouse Wheel management, etc. Do note that the software records positions, only and does not record sizes.

Save and restore desktop icons position layout

Overall, this handy tool is very useful. It is very useful for me as I frequently connect my PC to my TV and Monitor. The utility is 100% free, and there’s even an option in the software itself to email DesktopOK to a friend.

This freeware can be useful if your Desktop icons rearrange and move after reboot.

DesktopOK free download

Click here to download DesktopOK.

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  1. Georgevich

    Hi all,
    Thanks for the presentation of this small yet very useful tool.
    I have one question, in its download page there are two options
    for the 32bit version.
    Could you please explain to me what exactly is the difference
    among the two (DesktopOK and DesktopOK unicode)?


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