Backup, Save and Restore Desktop Icon Layouts with ReIcon

ReIcon, as the name suggests, is a tool which helps you to rearrange and restore your desktop icons on Windows PC. Our desktop icons are actually the shortcuts of all programs we frequently run on our PC or the shortcuts to some documents we often need to open etc., and thus they are very important to us.

We often need to change the resolution of our PC for some or the other reason, and when we resume our original resolution, the icons get jumbled up which indeed becomes messy and cluttered. This is where ReIcon helps us.

ReIcon is a free portable software which helps us to restore the desktop layout. With this tool, you can save your current desktop layout and restore it later when needed. It is a very simple and clean tool and requires no specific tech knowhow to use it.

Backup, Save & Restore Desktop Icon Layouts

The tool comes in a zipped file and takes just a few seconds to download and land on your PC. Just as any other ZIP file, open it, extract the files and run the program. The main overview is all that it has. A single window layout with just four buttons i.e., Restore icon layout, Save icon layout, Delete selected icon layout and About. There are few more settings tweaks in the ribbon menu under Edit and Options tabs.

Save icon layout

Backup and Restore Desktop Icon Layouts with ReIcon

To save the current desktop icon layout, click on Save the icon layout tab. You will see a layout saved in the blank window with the details like the number of icons, current resolution, date and time when saved and your username. You can save as many layouts as you can, and it will be added to the list with all the required details. The layouts by default save by the name ‘New Icon-Layout,’ but you can rename it anytime. Just right-click on the saved layout and select Rename from the dropdown list.

Restore icon layout

When you want to restore any icon layout, just select the particular layout and click on Restore Icon Layout button. You can also restore the layout directly from the list. Just select any preferred layout, right click and select Restore.

Delete Selected Icon Layout

When you want to remove any layout from the list, just select a layout and click on the Delete Selected Icon Layout button or right-click on the selected layout and click on Delete.

Add ReIcon shortcut to the Windows Startup Folder 

You can set ReIcon to autostart by adding its shortcut to the Windows Startup Folder. Just go to the Edit tab and select ‘Add a shortcut to Startup Folder’. You can remove it anytime from Edit Menu again just by selecting ‘Delete Shortcut from Startup Folder’

Other Settings

Other settings allow you to Add context menu, Align icons to grid, show or hide the hidden files and extension and auto rename, etc. Make sure that “Disable Auto-Arrange” remains selected, (by default it is), or else the ‘Restore Icon Layout’ feature may not work properly.

From the Options tab, you can also open the Icon layout file and the Configuration file. You can add Only the Restore option to the context menu from the Options tab. Just Select it and then select ‘My Computer’ or ‘Desktop’.

ReIcon free download

Overall, ReIcon is a nice, simple and useful tool which saves our favorite icon layouts for each resolution and restore them easily whenever we want. We can save as many layouts as we want. It is portable and needs no installation. Very simple software that even a newbie can run and use it effortlessly. Download the freeware here and save your favorite icon layouts.

DesktopOK is another similar tool you may want to check out.

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  1. youngblody

    I could have used this program last week after my win10 updated to V1709 and left all the icons down the left had side what a pain to get them back into the order that I am used to

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