Horizontal or Vertical lines on Laptop screen or Monitor

The displays of a laptop, tablet or a monitor of a computer is one of the most important components of a computing machine. Whatever interaction that we do with that machine shows up on the monitor. With the introduction of GUI or Graphical User Interface, it has been made very easy for anyone to use that computer. And by all means, these GUI software are displayed on this display screen. So, it becomes really unpleasant and difficult in using these computers once they start getting problems. One such disturbing issue is the sudden appearance of vertical or horizontal lines on the display. This can be caused due to both hardware and software factors. Now, we will be discussing every possible fix for this issue.

Horizontal or Vertical lines on Laptop screen or Monitor

Horizontal or Vertical lines on screen

Checking if the issue is software based

First of all, visit your manufacturer’s website.

Download all the latest driver definitions from their website. Make sure that you download the latest Graphics Drivers from their website.

Try installing them one by one and then Reboot your computer.

If this fixes your error, then the issue was probably software based. This error might have been caused due to some issues in incompatibility between the Operating System and the Drivers.

Checking if the issue is hardware based

All your video drivers and other chipset drivers are used for your operating system to work better with your hardware. But the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is not a part of that Operating System at all. Hence, this means that those driver related errors would not cause any effect to the drivers. Hence, just boot up to your BIOS. For that, follow the following steps,

Restart your computer, and boot into the BIOS. You can read more here about booting into the BIOS of your computer.

Now, if you see the same vertical or horizontal line, the hardware is responsible for this error.

In order to fix this issue, there is a different approach for every device type.

If you are using an external display, make sure that the cable used to connect the main CPU and the Monitor is plugged in properly at all the terminal points.

Also, check if the cable that you are using does not have any bends or physical damage.

Lastly, you can also check by replacing the connector cable at once to check if that fixes that issue.

If you are using a laptop, I would recommend to take it to a qualified technician.

How did you fix your problem?

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