W-Fi or Wireless Capability is turned off in Windows 10


  1. I have turned off wifi while the hard drive was in my Sony laptop . but when I put my HD to my Toshiba laptop which dose not have on off button . I can’t switch it on . help help help . I have tryed almost everything . ..I need help

  2. when i connect two laptop with lan my wireless capability is autometically off how to on wireless capability I use lenevo 3000 N100 Model

  3. may laptop’s wireless capability was enabled, but still the laptop can’t recognize the connection. please help.

  4. Me, too. Method 1!! Didn’t even know that button was there.
    Thank you very much for your help.

  5. Hey Wow, die einfache Method 1: “Most of the laptops have a tiny switch on the side” hat meinem alten Laptop nach 2 Jahren wieder WiFi beigebracht. Vielen Danke für diesen Tipp der so einfach ist das man es kaum glaubt.

  6. There is a software issue preventing me from toggling off wireless mode to enable wifi. That is the problem with W10 Pro Creator Edition.

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