Wireless Capability turned off in Windows 10/8/7

Many times, while connecting to a wireless device it is not shown in Windows as a list of available devices. In fact, the status of Network and sharing center in the Notification Area shows it to be disabled. While troubleshooting, the error which is shown says that Wireless Capability Turned Off. In such cases, it can not be enabled by Non-Administrator accounts. To resolve such issues follow the methods listed below.

Windows Network Diagnostics Troubleshooter

First, run the Windows Network Diagnostics Troubleshooter and see if it can detect and fix the problem. Right-click the network icon in the notification area, and then clicking Troubleshoot problems.Or you can open Settings > Network & Internet > Status and click on the Network Troubleshooter link.

Windows Network Diagnostics Troubleshooter

This will open the Network Troubleshooter or Windows Network Diagnostics tool.

If it does not help try any of these methods.

Method 1: Most of the laptops have a tiny switch on the side (or front) of the laptop that turns the wireless ON/OFF. Make sure you’ve switched it on.

Method 2: Do the following:

  1. Click Start, type network and sharing center in the Start search box and hit Enter.
  2. Click Change adapter settings.
  3. Right-click the connection and select Enable.

Method 3: By installing the latest driver for the wireless network adapter obtained from the manufacturer a majority of connection problems within Windows 7/8/10 have been solved. Download and install the Windows compatible drivers for support site of the manufacturer of your laptop and check if the issue gets fixed.

Method 4: To enable the wireless adapter, go to the admin account by enabling it and there run the network troubleshooter and see if it can fix the problem.

To enable Admin account in Windows 10/8/7, open an elevated command prompt window, type the following and hit Enter:

netuser admin active:yes

Now log off, and you can see a new Admin account at startup. Run the Network troubleshooter here. After getting admin privileges, it can auto fix the issue in most of the case.

Method 5: If nothing works for you, you may use the Network Reset feature.

See this post if the troubleshooter gives a The remote device or resource won’t accept the connection error message.

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The author Vasu Jain is studying Computer Science at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. He was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Windows. He blogs at WindowsVJ.com and can be contacted on Twitter @vasujain.


  1. Zana S Ofpetroleum

    i wanna how can turn on wireless capability when it turn off

  2. Zidanmba

    wireless capability is turned off

  3. anongsak

    thank you very very much

  4. Guest323

    Method 1!! Didn’t even know that button was there.

  5. amos

    I have turned off wifi while the hard drive was in my Sony laptop . but when I put my HD to my Toshiba laptop which dose not have on off button . I can’t switch it on . help help help . I have tryed almost everything . ..I need help

  6. Rajeev Kumar

    when i connect two laptop with lan my wireless capability is autometically off how to on wireless capability I use lenevo 3000 N100 Model

  7. Phil

    may laptop’s wireless capability was enabled, but still the laptop can’t recognize the connection. please help.

  8. Stephen Onavwie

    Thanks so much. Am glad!

  9. sameera

    got it thanks 🙂

  10. Maureen

    I have this same issue….what’s the fix?

  11. Maureen

    Wireless capability is turned off that is.

  12. thien

    Me, too. Method 1!! Didn’t even know that button was there.
    Thank you very much for your help.

  13. raf

    Hey Wow, die einfache Method 1: “Most of the laptops have a tiny switch on the side” hat meinem alten Laptop nach 2 Jahren wieder WiFi beigebracht. Vielen Danke für diesen Tipp der so einfach ist das man es kaum glaubt.

  14. Vanya_Fen


  15. The Light

    There is a software issue preventing me from toggling off wireless mode to enable wifi. That is the problem with W10 Pro Creator Edition.

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