Microsoft Store App Crashes or Freezes in Windows 10


  1. i have recent problem with metro apps in windows 8 rp, if i click the metro apps in start screen nothing happens, it wont open all metro apps..

    do you have any ideas about it? thanks..

  2. This is very useful knowing the SID of that account. However, I’m pretty sure that allowing all Modern UI / Metro apps full control of your entire C: drive is asking for trouble. I suggest rather using the system refresh option which should fix that kind of permission issue.

  3. Good job! Thanks for sharing your troubleshooting steps in detail. I also will reinstall Windows 8 as a last resort. Sometimes it is quicker to do a reinstall but, it is more rewarding to successfully fix the Windows operating system.

  4. Hello Jessica,

    Yes I know since the permissions was already screwed up my primary goal was to get the Metro to work. But your rite it’s not a good idea to give full control to entire C drive.

  5. clean install was my favorite route, but Win8 actually works better installing over the working Os. winsupersite has some articles about this.

  6. i m also facing problem with some metro apps, when i launch these apps, start screen of that screen appears and then strat menu appers up back

  7. hi, i am having problems here, i already managed to use windows 8 on a very old netbook and also fix resolution issue and it worked well, but now i installed it in my friend’s netbook/laptop and i am facing this problem that i can’t fix even reinstalling.. problem is whenever i open any metro apps the system reboot and when it boot up it says PC RUN INTO A PROBLEM. please help me solve this thanks

  8. Same with me despite this approach was the only successful which means that there is indeed somewhere a problem with access rights. After further checking it turned out that the only missing access rights were the “read & execute, list folder contents, read” on the Windows root folder “C:Windows” (aka %windir%) for the group “ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES”. Compared to the above approach this is completely uncritical as actually everybody else has these access rights to the Windows folder (just not the Metro apps initially). I hope that helps everybody who was almost there with Metro apps 🙂

  9. I hope you can hear me
    I have read that there is some bios tweak or something like changing option in bios
    and if you have or he 2 dvd drive turn 1 off while installing windows 8 🙂

  10. HI.
    I id a mistake in changing the permission settings in my C drive which ended up in a mess getting no access to my c drive hopefully i got it reading some of the suggestions in some blogs. but my windows apps are not working as it was… i tried the technique above but still its not working. it opens and within seconds it gets minimized. please find me a solution to this i’m really stuck with this issue. please suggest a method other than a clean install of the OS.

    need ur support….. 🙁

  11. Sir,

    I have problem with Windows 8.
    before activation the metro apps work great.
    After Activation

    I checked that it is activated or not.

    It was activated.

    The problem that I am Facing now is that the METRO APPS like.. music, store, weather, people, message, etc open but it need to update new version.
    Also it shows error that “You are not connected to internet. Please check the connection and try again.”
    But internet is well working on browser an desktop.

  12. ok im at the system 32 folder but how do i change the permissions? do i give it full control? i cant seem to be able to tick the full control box after i select edit

  13. Just read about this. My windows freezes on starting some apps, even after reinstalling windows. When I try adding ALL APP PACKAGES permissions I got a lot of errors.

  14. Hi there. I am trying to give the C drive the ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES permission to the C drive and so I went to edit and then add as it wasn’t here yet. I then went to advanced and clicked find now. ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES was near the top and so I added it and then clicked Apply. It then warned me about changing permissions for the root directory and I went on to click yes. After this I got multiple errors that the system failed to enumerate objects in the container since access is denied. After this I then got a couple of errors saying the program could not access the file since it is being used by another process which is straight forward enough but I do not know how I would go around this as this is the root folder and there are bound to be things in use. I continued through these and then got some more enumeration errors and finally got to finally got to Unable To Save Permission Changes on OS (C:). Access is denied. So what/where did I go wrong and how should I be doing it. Thanks! 🙂

  15. Amazing! I have had some different problems with my metro-apps. Some of them not syncing with one drive like they should. Some of them trying to start, but immediately shutting down. Not beeing able to attach files to my emails in the standars windows mail app. All this got fixed when I granted ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES full access to my %APPDATA% folder!!

  16. Oh my goodness,I’m like computer illiterate and this saved me after almost 2 days of …urrrgh!!! Thank you!

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