How to fix ATI Display issues on Windows computer


  1. The AMD drivers for Windows 8 Release Preview are terrible.
    Text looks terrible in many programs. No amount of color adjustment or Clear Type tuning makes much difference.
    Secondly, the AMD Catalyst software itself just crashes after a few minutes making it unusable.
    I tried the Windows 7 drivers as per this article. They did not work at all.

  2. I had a problem that my Windows 8 detected that my videocard is 5000 but actually it has a different version. But i had absolutely different drivers installed. I removed these drivers manually but it did not work. Then i removed all video drivers (*.inf) from my system including default video adapter and installed Windows 7 driver. And now it works like a charm. I have a laptop.

  3. Nice explanation but unfortunatly still bug for me.
    I have an old integrated x1100 ATI graphic board. Drivers were for Vista 32 bit compatible, downloaded from ASUSTEK website.
    Dirvers are installed using “udgrade drivers” directly from hardware system page (not doble click setup.exe).
    the screen keep crashing for few miliseconds, usually after I open youtube or dailymotion and windows 8 tells me a message like “windows did recuperate a problem in driver ATI familly radeon….”
    I tried everything, including the windows 8 drivers 12.10. and still crash.
    Now, said that, I am 99.9% sure it DID NOT crash with W8 developer preview or W8 customer preview. I seems to crash with w8 pro only

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