3 Freeware to Protect or Encrypt Notepad text files


  1. F-Secure will not allow access to Secret Pad and gives a warning about the webpage/Site

  2. Comodo Dragon (Chrome-based, mine is currently Comodo version 28) won’t display screenshot of Secret Pad in your post, but allows use of the link you give; Web Inspector says the download link at Trinity website is hosted in Georgia USA and is safe to navigate to; ditto the download mirrors link given there; however, whether FilesGuru, Brothersoft, or otherwise, none of the mirrors has at all a clear link for specifically downloading Secret Pad; thus, it may be that some security software/browsers detect a bunch of re-directs that lead to no clear logical target object, so they block link attempts.

  3. Just checked this story again today; Secret Pad pix shows in Comodo Dragon Chrome, link goes directly to Trinity, and hitting their download immediately results in Secret Pad download, so appears fixed (in case anybody says “huh?” about some others’ comments re n/g link).

  4. Hi Guys! As per my experience, the website went smooth and everything worked without any issues. Anyways if you find any problems you can try some other mirrors like Brothersoft and etc.

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