3 Freeware to Protect or Encrypt Notepad text files

Notepad text files are really very handy and useful to note things down. But have you ever thought about security of the notepad files? Well, security is a must and a Notepad text file offers no security against prying eyes. One must have encrypted text files so that any information recorded in such files should remain safe and inaccessible without passwords. So, today here we’ve reviewed some freeware to encrypt Notepad text files.

Encrypt Notepad text files

Secret Pad

Secret Pad Encrypt Notepad file

Secret Pad is like adding password support to Notepad. It comes with all the features of Notepad and the interface also looks identical to Notepad. There is a password created the first time, but you can change that password afterwards without any problems. A new feature that isn’t available in Notepad and you can notice in the application is URL detection. It will automatically detect URLs and turn them into hyperlinks. Secret Pad saves the files in a new format –  ‘.cdt’. It would have been better if ‘.cdt’ files could be open directly by clicking on the, but you have to manually open them from the program itself. This tiny software is really very useful and resembles a password protected version of Notepad. Click here if you would like to download Secret Pad.

Safe Pad

Safe Pad

Safe Pad resembles Rich Text Editor. It is like adding password encryption to Rich Text Editor. Safe Pad has all the features like  allowing – Bold, Underline, Italics, Right/Left/Center Justify, Decrease Indent and Increase Indent, Cut-Copy-Paste, Undo and Redo options and etc. For every document, you need to create two different passwords and then confirm them. Sometimes that seems very boring process, entering each password two times. You cannot create a master password to encrypt all files. Click here to download Safe Pad.

Encrypted Notepad

Encryted Notepad

Encrypted Notepad is a very simple, Java based text editor that supports encryption. The application resembles the Notepad somewhat, but still lacks features like Word Wrap, font selection, date and time insertion and etc. Like Safe Pad, each file has to be supplied with a different password. There is no master password support. It is a simply and handy utility without much features, and you can go here to download Encrypted Notepad.

These were some free utilities that let you encrypt and protect your Notepad text files. Do share your experience with these or recommend others which you think should have been included here.

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