How to enable Windows Spotlight feature in Windows 10


  1. Here I was trying to set this up, I could not figure out why I did not have this choice, until I got past the last picture in the article “This feature is currently available in Windows 10 Home only”

  2. It has been made available in pro version from Build 10547 for Windows Insiders, so it will be coming to all users soon. Here’s a small additional tip as some users asked, can the Spotlight images be saved?
    One can’t directly save these images but Windows keeps these images here at :

    replace username with and going to this location one can see files with long alphanumeric names. Copy the files to other location and rename with .jpg extension and you
    can get to see the images. Don’t move or delete the original files.
    I think I had posted this in forum,Please check for the forum post.

  3. It is now available in Windows 10 Pro. I just enabled it 30 seconds ago. I suspect the feature became available with the November 2015 update, which I’ve installed. I noticed this feature was automatically enabled on my Surface 3 tablet, but did not know how to do so on my home PC. Now I do. Thanks.

  4. Hopefully someone can help me with this. I have two laptops; one I keep at home and one I keep at work. Both have Windows 10 as the operating system.
    On my home laptop, the “Like What You See?” feature works as advertised, displaying an every changing array of beautiful, phenomenal photos, which I love.
    On my work laptop, though, even though I have Windows Spotlight enabled, the photo never changes; it always stays the same. Also, there is no “Like What You See?” displayed on the screen.
    How do I get this feature to work on my work laptop the same way it does on my home laptop?

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