How to enable Windows Spotlight feature in Windows 10

Bing images of the day are a collection of latest home page background images from It explores some of the breath-taking images and allows you to set them as wallpapers. With the introduction of Windows 10, there has been a change in the scheme of things. There’s a new feature introduced called Windows Spotlight – a new lock screen feature that displays some beautiful images from Bing and certain running Windows apps. It is similar to ‘Bing images of the day’ feature but different in a sense as it allows a user to enable the curated slide show.

Windows Spotlight is designed to give the user the ability to provide feedback on the lockscreen background image directly from the lockscreen itself. Users can simply ‘Like’ the feature to refresh regularly the Windows 10 lockscreen. So, if over time, you like images of a particular category being displayed you can start seeing more of them on your lockscreen.

Enable Windows Spotlight in Windows 10

Open Settings and click Personalization. Now and choose Lock screen.

Under Background select Windows spotlight from the menu.

Windows Spotlight in Windows 10

Instantly, you will notice a ‘Like what you see?‘ dialog on the lock screen in the upper right-hand corner.

Choosing this option fires up a ‘I like it!‘ and ‘Not a fan‘ menu choice that allows you to register your vote.

To disable Windows Spotlight, simply select the Picture option again.

Windows Spotlight image

If you chose to like a wallpaper from a particular category, you will start seeing more of them.

This feature is currently available in Windows 10 Home only … for some strange reason!

Let us know how you like this feature and if you do use it!

How to save Windows Spotlight images

Vasudev G adds in the comments below: To save the Spotlight images, navigate to the following folder:


Going to this location one can see files with long alphanumeric names. Copy the files to other location and rename with .jpg extension.

This post will help you if your Windows Spotlight is not working.

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