Microsoft Edge is not working on banking websites

Microsoft Edge is one of the most secure web browsers around today, and we highly recommend it when visiting any website that has to do with your money. Whether it is PayPal, Payoneer, or any traditional banking website, Edge is best.

Now, while we agree that Edge is great and securing users on the web, things are not particularly perfect. Not too long ago, a few users complained about an issue where Edge is stuck and continuously refreshes on banking or financial websites. Not only that, it causes timeouts and other errors which are a pain in the rear end. Interestingly enough, everything works fine when the browser is in private mode. Pretty weird, right? We agree.

Microsoft Edge is not working on banking websites

Let’s look at the options that can fix this problem:

  1. Delete browse cache
  2. Reset Microsoft Edge
  3. Use alternative web browser

1] Delete the cache

Microsoft Edge is not working on banking websites

OK, so deleting the cache in Microsoft Edge is pretty easy. Just click on the hamburger button, you know, the one with the three dots, and then select History. From there, click on the words, Clear history; you should now see a section with the title, Clear browsing data.

Tick the boxes, Cached data and files, and Cookies and saved website data. Move the mouse cursor below and click Clear and wait for Edge to remove all data.

2] Repair or Reset Microsoft Edge

Repair or Reset Edge browser


Resetting Microsoft Edge can solve many problems because the browser would return to its default state. We definitely recommend going this route, but please remember that any customizations done to the web browser will go away.

To repair or reset Edge, open the WinX Menu and click on Settings. Next, under the Apps and features section, search for Microsoft Edge. Now click on the Advanced options link.

Now you may first select the Repair option if Edge is not working properly. When you repair Edge, your data will remain safe.

If this does not make any difference, you may select the Reset button. Windows will reset your Edge browser settings, keeping your Favorites intact – but you may lose other Edge data.

3] Use an alternative web browser

Since some users are unable to use certain banking sites using Edge, we suggest using an alternative web browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Both are secure enough for banking websites, therefore, you should face no risks.

Have you faced such issues?

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  1. Balayage

    Never happens with my Chrome. 🙂

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