Download Group Policy Templates for new Microsoft Edge Chromium browser

Microsoft has released a preview version of Group Policy Templates that supports the new Microsoft Edge web browser based on Chromium. Group Policies are a great way to customize the behavior of an installed piece of software on Windows 10. It is mainly used by System Administrators to customize the configuration of computers.

Group Policy Templates for new Edge browser

Group Policy Templates for new Edge browser

It is worth noting that these Group Policy Templates are only available in English (US version) and are not final. They will continuously be updated and modified to the most optimal version as the release is generally available.

1] Downloading the latest release of the Group Policy Templates

You can get the current latest release of the Group Policy Templates from the official Microsoft servers.

To keep yourself with the latest about the development of these Group Policy Templates, please refer the official thread of this release on Microsoft Tech Community.

2] Adding these Group Policy Templates to the Group Policy Editor

The package that you download will contain the Group Policies for both Windows 10 and macOS.Extract the folder called windows to your computer locally.

Open the Group Policy Editor. Right-click on Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates and select Add/Remove Templates.

Select Add and navigate to the following path inside that extracted windows folder: windows\adm\en-US

Select msedge.adm

Close the Add/Remove Templates… dialog box.

You will now find all the Group Policies under the following path:

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates.

There is also an HTML file included that contains all the policies indexed for a user’s preference.

3] Things one should know

Microsoft has made the following notes that they expect a user to know:

  1. This is a work in progress. We are sharing this early draft with you for your feedback, but the list will change between now and our final release, with policies being added, removed or changed based on feedback.
  2. The HTML file includes both Mac and Windows policies.
  3. Policies for managing updates aren’t included; those will be in a separate administrative template file.
  4. These are only in English (US). We are working on localizing the policy descriptions and documentation before our final release.

I hope the release of these Group Policy Templates for new Microsoft Edge Chromium browser are helpful to you.

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