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Prevent Microsoft Edge from starting and loading

Stop Windows 10 from preloading Microsoft Edge on Startup

Microsoft replaced their legendary Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge, a brand new browser built for the Modern Web. Since its release, Microsoft has been pushing users to give Microsoft Edge a try and probably make it their primary browser since always. […]

Windows Defender is turned off by Group Policy

Windows Defender is the default anti-virus on Windows 10. It’s good enough for most major cases. Therefore, you won’t need a third-party option unless for extreme cases which are quite rare. Not to mention, Windows Defender is not a resource […]

How to integrate Firefox with Windows Group Policy

Mozilla has shipped the support for Windows Group Policy Support. Firefox 60 is the next Extended Support Release of Firefox browsers releases which replaces Firefox ESR 52.x. Firefox ESR 52.x is the last official version of Firefox that will be […]

How to add Group Policy Editor to Windows Home Editions

Group Policy is a Windows feature that lets network administrators modify and change some of the advanced Windows settings. And not just network computers, local Group Policy can be used to change advanced settings on a standalone PC as well. […]

How to reset all Group Policy settings to default in Windows 10

How to reset all Local Group Policy settings to default in Windows 10

The Group Policy Editor is an important tool for Windows OS using which System Administrators can fine tune system settings. It has several infrastructural configuration options that allows you to make adjustments to the specific performance and security settings for […]

Change Group Policy Refresh Interval for Windows computers

The Group Policy in Windows allows administrators to set and enforce settings on their computer systems. By default Group Policy gets updated in background every 90 minutes, after a change is recorded in active object. But if you wish you can […]