Stop Windows 10 from preloading Microsoft Edge on Startup


  1. Running the same configuration as you and I do see it. On 1803, look for the “Prevent Microsoft Edge…” rule and not the “Allow Microsoft Edge…” rule.


  2. I have Windows 10 Home, and it also doesn’t have “MicrosoftEdge” on :

  3. I can also report that there are no entries for:


    on Windows 10 Pro v1803 ( I checked 2 of my PC’s) Perhaps this is for a coming update not v1803?

  4. In other words, a waste of our time made again by TWC!

    Wish TWC could take the time to specify in their articles which versions of Windows 10 they are writing about. Quite annoying to read a whole article (such as their recent one on Win 10 Bitlocker only to find out it doesn’t apply at all to Win 10 Home version).

  5. On my Windows 10 1803, the configuration listing says – ‘Prevent
    Microsoft Edge from starting and loading the Start and New Tab page at
    Windows startup and each time Microsoft Edge is closed’. We have mentioned this in the post.

  6. Would you be able to do a tutorial showing how to stop the Windows photos app from pre loading with Windows. I have noticed that it has been preloading lately.


  7. Wndows 10 made so many uncessary and ill modifications and features which itself is wretched experience. Because of this many users prefer old versions, like Windows 7.

  8. Please read the article carefully. We have mentioned that it is named differently on 1803 when compared to 1809.

  9. Ok but when i restart my PC, in Windows Task Manager there are still the Microsoft Edge processes running. I think wich this feature will become active in the next version of Windows 10.

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