Disk Cleanup Tool & Storage Sense now offer to clear Downloads folder


  1. I accidentally did a Disk Clean-up and left the “Downloaded files” box checked without realising… Is there a way to get all those files back? I tried with some data recovery programs but they only recover a fraction of the files, and they are in a damaged state so that they cannot be opened 🙁

    It’s pretty bad that Windows introduces a feature like this and they don’t even have a warning box when using it for the first time!

  2. Same boat, just lost over 280,000 pictures I was archiving. 2 months of work, no backup, and every single one of them I tried to restore are listed as corrupted. Probably the stupidest things Microsoft has ever done. Everywhere I read says it is unchecked by default. Mine was not. I had to manually uncheck it.

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