Create, burn, and extract ISO files with ISO Workshop

If you tend to get in involve with ISO a lot along with burning them to DVDs, then chances are you might have already found the perfect program. However, for those who are still on the hunt, we’d like to recommend something called ISO Workshop for Windows PC, which lets you create, burn and extract ISO files. But before jumping in, we should warn you that while this software is free, it is ad-supported.

ISO Workshop review

iso workshop

Let’s talk about ISO Workshop to determine if it is good for you.

The size of the file is 2.7MB, which means it shouldn’t take long to install once on your system. We like the fact that it doesn’t attempt to trick us into downloading third-party software, so that’s a big plus. We also didn’t come across a single advertisement, but that might have much to do with our location.

Once the program has been installed and launched, users should see a simple user interface with five options laid out before them, as shown in the image above:

  • Make ISO
  • Burn Image
  • Extract Files
  • Backup Disc, and
  • Convert Image.

At the top, we have Files and Help, and that’s all to see here.

Clicking on Files also brings up the same five options but in a drop-down menu. Clicking any of the five options will bring users away from the main menu and to the Workshop section.

Create, burn, and extract ISO files

For example, if you’re interested in creating an ISO, just click on the Make ISO button. To create an ISO image, click on the Add button or just drag and drop the files into the box.

After that, click on File > Make ISO, chose a location then save. We’ve done this, and surely enough, it works just fine.

my iso extract

Now, if you’re interested in extracting files from an ISO image, click on File > Go To Main Menu. The program should launch the original menu, so from there, launch the Extract Files option. You should now see a similar layout from before, but with different buttons at the top. Just click on Open and find the location of your ISO image. Select it, click OK, then finish off by clicking on Extract.

When it comes down to settings, well, we haven’t come across such an option. But seriously, it is not needed here seeing as ISO Workshop works so well out of the box.

Download ISO Workshop from official website right here.

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