How To Configure Email With Microsoft Outlook Desktop


  1. Instead of using the Hotmail/Outlook Connector, simply set it up the account and Outlook to use POP instead. By doing this, you can simply select the email address to use in the From: field.

  2. gr8. Please let me know if you know the settings for I’ll need incoming n outgoing server address, incoming and outgoing port numbers n type of encryption to be used.

  3. yes, and now works without a Hotmail plus subscription and it works with All the pop settings are the same as Hotmail pop settings.

  4. I am able to use outlook connector with the normally as we do with a hotmail account.

  5. Thank you Jesse. I was able to configure it manually. It deals well with main ID. However, could not find a way to set it up for aliases. Please share if you are able to use aliases via desktop Outlook.

  6. just use windows live mail like i do and get all your email in one place really simple to we get the whole office and family mail 37 different addresses in one place each in its own folders and all your hotmail with alias’s and foldrs even gmail,, gmx, inbox, aol, aim all come to windows live mail, forget outlook 2010 or them others

  7. just use windows live mail like i do and get all your email in one place really simple to we get the whole office and family mail 37 different addresses in one place each in its own folders

  8. just use windows live mail like i do and get all your email in one place really simple to we get the whole office and family mail 37 different addresses in one place each in its own folders

  9. yes. I got this one. 🙂 Also, setting up mail for alias. 😀 Will write about the method in a while. 🙂

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  11. any Hotmail accounts including accounts (Excluding Aliases) use ActiveSync in office 2013. outlook connector doesn’t work. Plus ActiveSync is a true Push service and is superior over outlook connector. the server is

  12. Actually, I got the aliases working with desktop Hotmail. Used the same settings as above and then original ID to login. That means entering alias ID into the email field and original ID into Username. Have written about it too. Will post link here once it is published. 🙂

  13. Added my mail ID to Outlook 2013 without any problem. It automatically recognized & configured. No manual setup was required. I think even didn’t install the connector.

  14. Dear Arun,
    thank you very much for this info i was desperately looking for the past few days.
    in a way you answered my and the question posed at

    but my question now is: does your guidance only account for outlook aliases or also different email providers? at the moment i can send and receive via different email aliases using, but in outlook 2013 it uses the main outlook ID for all email addresses.

  15. Hi Ben,
    I could not find the answer I posted at Microsoft Answers. But if you have created accounts for each alias (keeping main ID and password for login), you should be able to use alias for sending emails. In this case, however, you might receive two copies of each mail – one to the inbox of alias and one to the inbox of main ID.
    As for other service providers, if you want to be able to send emails using them, you’ll again need to create at least a POP3 account. Would suggest IMAP though because in that case, your sent emails will automatically be synced to the web.
    Please let me know if this was what you want to know.

  16. hi arun, thanks for helping me. i will explain my problem in a bit more detail:
    i created a new outlook account (main outlook ID) using within i additionally added roughly 6 more email addresses from other providers (gmx, 1&1, etc) as pop3 accounts, which i receive in subfolders that i created to organise my emails automatically. everything works fine – i can send and receive email choosing from which account (alias) i want to send them.

    now, i have setup outlook2013 and snyched it to my account using my main outlook ID and the EAS(activesync) method. the synchronisation between outlook2013 and works absolutely fine, BUT i can’t choose the alias anymore WHEN I USE OUTLOOK2013, while in i can choose the account i would like to send it from. in outook2013 everything is automatically sent via my main outlook ID, i.e. how can i change that??

    thanks for the tip of using imap. i was actually anticipating a lot to use imap in outlook2013, but they still cant handle what thunderbird could handle many years ago, which is receiving more than one email account into one inbox. since i have various email accounts i cant keep checking all inboxes and their subfolders all day. please correct me if i’m wrong about that.

  17. Ah yes, I forgot Hotmail and Outlook dont support IMAP yet. Regarding being able to send mails from other service providers,
    1. create pop3 accounts for each service provider you use
    2. disable receive from SEND/RECEIVE options as you already are receiving those emails to your outlook ID.
    That way, you can select the service to use for sending the email from desktop client and you won’t have to create lot many inboxes. Hope I am clear enough. If not, please inform me. I will think of a better way to explain.

  18. Dear Arun,
    that did it!
    thank you so much. i really appreciate your efforts and help you provide to everybody.
    Best regards,
    PS: only drawback is that the sent messages (via the non-outlook accounts) will now be saved in the “sent items” folder of the POP3 account, i.e. the created PST file in Outlook2013. Hence, i won’t be able to read the sent messages when i log into…correct?

  19. Thank you Ben. Happy that you got it working. Sent in POP3 won’t get to the web version.
    In my case, 4 are POP3 and one gmail is IMAP. So what I do is I create an additional folder/label on gmail and copy all important email to that folder – just drag and drop in Outlook. That way, my emails are stored on the web too – but in a different account. Just a tip, if you wish to use.

  20. hi arun,
    i did as you suggested and it works, though i left out the IMAP bit as drag and drop of all important emails would take too much time on a daily basis. there is still no other update on having the sent items also shown on the web version, is there?
    as you helped me with the send-only account, i thought you also may be interested in having a macro that will use the To address as the From address when you reply.

    as always, many thanks.

  21. Hi Ben,
    Your macro idea makes me think if we can create a rule that automatically moves all “emails I send” to any IMAP folder – without you having to drag and drop manually. That may be possible – I will check and inform you if it works.
    Also, many thanks for the link. 🙂

  22. hi arun,

    i had exactly the same idea before i sent you my previous reply, but didnt have the time to setup and try it yet. have you tried it by chance?
    another quick question: i have an account using outlook web app ( through my university. i wanted to connect it to my account via the functions “connected accounts”, which works fine, except there is no synchronisation with when i change sth in the web app. is there something that i miss to make the synchronisation work?

  23. Haven’t checked the ‘rules’ part but it should work because I used similar rule on all incoming emails.
    Regarding the question on, let me see if I can find out an answer by contacting someone in the field. I am not using exchange for long.

  24. hi arun, any news on the synchr. between and an outlook web app or exhange account? have a good weekend.


  25. I have previously been able to link my email to my outlook desktop….on my other laptop. Now i have a new laptop and was not able to get it to work. this time i entered it completely wrong and it won’t even start up and gives me an error message…..i tried to reinstall the whole microsoft office package and no good. so frustrating since i did it before, lol.

  26. I used one of my outlook email address for a alias to another outlook email address. I want to change back my alias to its own stand alone address again. How can I do that?

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